The disappointing slanging match pro and contra The DAO's week-old Hard Fork.

in crypto •  2 years ago

It is a bit much to expect objective informed actors where greed is concerned.

Stephen Tual lost a lot of kudos. Vitalik Buterin has conserved the enormous respect

due to him, equalled only by Andreas Antonopolous.

Meanwhile for non-nerds the whole DAO saga has been 6 weeks of uncertainty.

It has been extremely difficult to get TRIVIUM quality info.

Then my only two other crypto-mates told me one's ether value was on both forks

meaning doubing one's holdings. x2 for naught sounds voodoo to me.

I am still looking for a clear account. Could you steer me to the definitive youtube?

I love Craig Grant, Florida! His clips are full of insight.

ATB     T:)


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