Godilock the best ever Blockchain to share storage and Protects from hackers?

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Godilock the best ever Blockchain to share storage and Protects from hackers?

What is Godilock?


Goldilock is a new type of storage system, which acts as a cold storage until such time that the user needs access to their funds/data and other Things Like Protects Your data from hackers and always save your data and here Your Kyc was also saved. Because many of blockchain known your data and always sell it. But the Goldiblock was always in a fresh minded and do work hard and attain there new Blockchain where Your data was always will be secured and they even not shown to Peoples since they gone to offline and have not an ability to Hack your data.
Recently my 500$ Bitcoins was hacked because that is the wallet where your data always cannot be leaked someone can do anything but Programming is not different from this Project.
That is the Site When a user needs access to their private data, the physical device storing their information is connected to the internet and always the user is given very very less time to access through non-IP technology with secure authentication and with the help of layers.


Goldilocks can be used to store cryptocurrency in a way that offers the security of cold storage while maintaining the convenience of an online wallet.
So that is the main way to Protect your finances from hackers and they also have a lot of cybersecurity experts where anyone can not able to leak your data.

Neo Platform.

Neo is the main Platform that the Goldilocks used for his blockchain and here other Cryptos was also accepted. That's was the Centralized and you have the ability to control with your own mind and help of your own mind or brain.


Goldiblocks wallet was used to store Cryptocurrencies where users have the ability to store their Crypto with the help of many security experts here that they help to you and your crypto was not able to hack here.that's was absolutely massive. They also have authentications Processes to follow it and able to secure to you.
You will be able to hold your Cryptocurrency with the ip-trigor mechanism.


They have a large number of Cybersecurity experts that will Protect your Crypto and also have the ability to hold your crypto for as a long-term.
So here is the Platform that will Provide You security and everything if you read it and experiences on it you will get benefit from this.

What should a Hacker attacks able to Protect your Crypto in Goldilock?

Yes, the hacker was not able to hack your crypto in this massive centralized Platform.

That.s was my opinion in Goldilocks and also my entry in @orginalworks https://steemit.com/crypto/@originalworks/810-steem-sponsored-writing-contest-goldilock
More Information & Resources and Social Medias.

Goldilock Website
Goldilock WhitePaper
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Goldilock Telegram
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Goldilock Twitter


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