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Hey bros! if you haven't joined this crypto project, you are missing.
Brocoin is a cryptocurrency coin, dedicated to the male community.
its not a sexist coin, its just an initiative that supports men.
We have a whole lot of platforms, dedicated to women and the girl child and it seems like the devil in the world is call MAN. Like men also go through Shit, we break up inside, have questions, we also need support system. am i right?

Hence, the birth of this project. It is a support system for men, emotionally, financially, and even supporting your ideas.
Brocoin caan be used to get upvotes on the EasySocial platform. But it goes beyond that.
A coin and a community dedicated to men, its the first of its kind i am in and its wonderful.

We have a family in our discord server. Bring your questions, fears and contributions and with the bounties goimg on and with the Ico, you can acquire Brocoins and make a great use of it

Ladies are also welcome.
This is the link to the Discord Server