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New UnitedBitcoin fork (UBTC) in 1 day - with Jeff Garzik

UnitedBitcoin Fork on December 12, 2018:

The next publicly announced Bitcoin fork, "UnitedBitcoin" is scheduled for December 12, 2017 (block #498,777). They have a global launch event in Sillicon Valley tomorrow with no other than Jeff Garzik, one of the first and most famous among original Bitcoin developers. We will support this fork under symbol UBTC.

The ratio of UBTC you will receive for every BTC in your QoinPro wallet is 1:1, meaning if you have 2.7 BTC you will get 2.7 UBTC (just like BCH and BTG). There is a special procedure for claiming UBTC, but we will handle it for you.

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