[ICO] World's oldest ICOs 20+ and 20+ oldest cryptos without ICO [CROWDSALE]

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My friends often ask me, if there are some great examples of old enough & successful companies, that held ICO. So I decided to write an article to list & discuss world's oldest cryptocurrencies ICOs, starting in 2013, and ending in 2015.

In another words, we'll search for ICOs, that are older than 645 days (it's approx two years back - end of december 2015). We take the date of crowdsale start as a basis.


Oldest ICOs Data (combined from multiple sources)

Project NameDateState
Omni31.07.2013Metadata for bitcoin blockchain
NXT28.09.2013Blockchain application platform
Counterparty02.01.2014Bitcoin-based cryptoplatform
DigiByte10.01.2014Global blockchain cryptocurrency
NEM19.01.2014Distributed ledger technologies
MaidSafe22.04.2014Decentralized storage
SuperNET30.04.2014Bitcoin Wallets & APIs
BitShares01.01.2014Decentralized Exchange & More
Swarm Fund17.07.2014Cooperative ownership platform
Storj18.07.2014Decentralized storage
Ethereum22.07.2014Blockchain application platform
FoldingCoin29.09.2014Crypto in medicine
Muse (Peertracks)10.06.2014Music platform
GetGems12.01.2014Telegram-based messaging that pays
DacPlay05.01.2015Blockchain Based Game Platfrom
Synereo19.03.2015Blockchain ecosystem
Factom31.03.2015Digital assets platform
BitCrystals29.07.2015Game cryptocurrency
Augur01.08.2015Decentralized prediction market
Spells Of Genesis04.08.2015Computer game
Neo01.10.2015Chinese opensource blockchain
IOTA25.11.2015Crypto for internet-of-things
Safex21.11.2015A decentralized contract market platform
Obits01.12.2015Openledger token trading


Didn't had an ICO, but still old projects

Project NameDateState
Namecoin2011Decentalized domain names
Swiftcoin2011One of the first proprietary cryptocurrencies
Litecoin12.10.2011First bitcoin fork
Ripple2012Bank-to-bank transactions
Peercoin12.09.2012Hybrid PoW/PoS crypto
SexCoin28.05.2013Porn-related crypto
Primecoin07.07.2013Mathematical cryptocurrency
Gridcoin16.10.2013Crypto to reward grid computing
Dogecoin08.12.2013Dogecoin cryptocurrency
Emercoin07.12.2013Blockchain service platform
Auroracoin2014Icelandic P2P crypto
Vertcoin08.01.2014Crypto with additional features
DASH18.01.2014Dash cryptocurrency
PotCoin21.01.2014Legalized cannabis industry coin
TittieCoin29.01.2014Porn-related crypto
Blackcoin24.02.2014Original PoS crypto
Mazacoin10.03.2014Cryptocurrency Network Services for Sovereign Tribes Worldwide
Monero30.04.2014Private Digital Crypto, Cryptonote-based
FantomCoin07.05.2014First merged-mining cryptonote coin
Titcoin21.06.2014Porn-related crypto
Boolberry01.07.2014Cryptonote-based currency
CryptoNote10.07.2014Cryptocurrency development protocol
BurstCoin10.08.2014Proof-of-Capacity coin
Bytecoin12.09.2014Cryptonote-based currency
DarkNetCoin29.10.2014Cryptonote-based currency
Bytecent2015Peer-to-peer rewards crypto
SixEleven17.09.2015Namecoin fork

As far as you can see, these projects are alive and active. There were several changes with some of them, others are totally okay.

Of course, there are hundred dead projects in 2013..2015 years, at least what we can find as a leftovers on bitcointalk. But does that mean that dead and scammed projects kill the ideas of great ICOs and you cannot gain momentum for your realworld, cool, extra-important project with ICO? I believe, ICOs are great tool to get your job done faster. So let's keep going & tracking, guys.

Please comment below if I forgot some old & important projects! Hear you next time.

This article uses data from ICOStats, Cyber.Fund, ICOBazaar and several others

As always, your old cryptocurrencies lover,
Den Ivanov aka @SXIII from Random City


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My full upvote for that great collection of data for fresh ideas! That raises the question in me "Where are they now?"

I heard once from Namecoin as scam. I see also many which are today in the Top50 on coinmarketcap.com. But i'm also curious what happened to odd names like Tit, Tittie, Sex* decentralized joy.. PotCoin a contender for the new Paragon?

Yep, @onetin84, the most interesting question is where are they now. It's nice to see that most of them continue to develop their projects.

Never heard and never thought about namecoin as a scam, because they have the working technology, why they'd be one?

Agree with your curiosity on the topic of porn crypto topic :D Not sure about Potcoin or Paragon future...

what a nice post!