Cryptoblogging platforms 2020: news, analysis and insights

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Greetings Steemians! I've decided to update my older post on cryptoblogging. Even tho I didn't supported my cryptoblogs in a good way for quite a while; interesting to see where each of the projects go.

But first, let me tell you

News that I am aware about

  • Steemit itself separated blogging part (you are here;) from the wallet and started to use advertisements altho I don't see any because I am using ublock/adblock on all of my browsers.
  • Golos has forked for quite awhile into two separate projects: the older Golos (based on older Steemit code) is now referenced as "Golos Classic"; the newer chain moved to EOS and referenced as "GEOS" or "Golos on EOS". The domain names of the projects are: old golos classic has to change it's domain into; while newer EOS golos has taken the older domain name of, accordingly.
  • continued to add functions and implementing new design; added the "Pods" functionality (which is in my opinion similar to something called "Community Hubs" seen in many different projects from Facebook to Git etc.
  • has refreshed it's design, added great category chooser interface; also published windows & mac wallets software.
  • are continuing their alpha-testing and they improved design and functions of the platform.
  • had fully ceased its operations (RIP).
  • is developing fast. It changed it's focus from own ecosystem (it's accessible here) into making an instrument that allows you support content on other platforms (little bit similar to Brave Browser & their BAT (Basic Attention Token)). New instrument called "Vizonator" and it currently allows you to support posts in: bitcointalk, soundcloud, twitter, twitch, youtube, instagram and telegram (finally!). Also, VIZ implemented Social Hubs functionality including option for the payed subscription.
  • I haven't seen any large changes for neither,,, vit ( nor bearshares except their move to subdomain for the main blog -> But the good news these projects are still alive and developing.

SimilarWeb rating


New statistic participants:


Months in the table are showing how much users visited the website for each month accordingly. M stands for Millions, K for thousands.

*VD = Visit Duration (in seconds)
**PPV = Pages Per Visit
***BR = Bounce Rate

Still lacks statistics as of 15 jan 2020:



  • (RIP Dead)

Now lacks statistics (altho it was there earlier!)


Summ up

So this is basically sad news for crypto industry. Everything went down a little bit or more. I hope something will change in the future. Also; if you do know some new steemit-based blogs that are out now in the wild; please let me know!


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