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XAYA is a decentralized platform, with no need for servers. It is a fair platform, in the games it does not trust but verifies.

XAYA, looks for changes to obtain the trade of the games and compete in tournaments. For this achievement XAYA, f sdk, tookit and developer hub makes it easy for developers to create games that run completely in blockchain. Game developers will be able to build their own world of games according to their projects. They may issue their own currency of games that can be exchanged for CHI or other currencies and assets of the XAYA game. With the technology of this platform they will be able to build decentralized games.

In XAYA, developers do not require prior knowledge of any blockchain programming language, which makes XAYA the simplest platform in the world for the development of blockchain games. The games in this new product can be encoded in the language you want.


Many of the games have accounts associated with the player's profile. In these accounts rewards are accumulated and, in some cases, they make purchases in the game with real money. To the extent that they become valuable these accounts can be attacked by hackers. Here there is a clear lack of security.

To solve this problem, Blockchain networks use the use of public key encryption to perform transactions, combined with an immutable database distributed over multiple nodes, providing users with a guarantee of a secure player profile.

Blockchain company XAYA is launching a gaming network that offers these security benefits. As an added bonus, while standard gaming accounts are under the control of developers or game publishers, a decentralized system allows players to own their assets within the game, such as a Bitcoin investor who owns the Bitcoins in their digital wallet .


The XAYA Ecosystem is made up of several XAYA products and services, but it goes much further. The ecosystem is fed by CHI. The role of the various XAYA products and services is to create an environment that encourages the use of CHI.

That is, by attracting developers and players to the ecosystem, the use of CHI increases. . The increase in the use of CHI increases both its utility and its value. Its usefulness increases with more games available for players and with a larger group of players for game developers to market their games and services. (Taken: Xaya White Paper).

CHI uses all blockchain transactions such as: creation of accounts, account transactions, acquisition of accounts / game assets, game transactions, crowd driven by CHI and currency transactions.


After a long road of research and development, the XAYA team (formerly Chimaera) presents this new product where games can be run without servers and successfully in the chain of blocks with countless thousands of games and millions of players.

Its technology is based on:

1 · True Blockchain Gaming
The real blockchain games turn the worlds of the games into Decentralized Autonomous Universes that work without servers, are unstoppable and resistant to censorship.

2 · Asset management
With the XAYA platform for assets within the game, your players have true ownership of the objects, gaining greater loyalty for your game. The asset management of XAYA is easy to use with any programming language you choose.

3 · Payment gateway
With XAYA, fraud is a thing of the past. As are high rates of payment processing. And it's faster. And easier. No need to trust a third party.


The XAYA open source platform is developed and maintained by the first pioneers in blockchain gaming, volunteer leaders of the Namecoin project and Bitcoin Core contributors.

1 · Human Mining
An emerging genre of games that was first introduced to Huntercoin. In this genre, the block chains are spread and the rewards are distributed based on the success of the player in the online gaming competition.

2 · DR
VR, AR and now DR (decentralized reality). DRs are unstoppable virtual worlds where there is no central authority. The state of the world is calculated by all those who are involved in it.

3 · Atomic Commerce
As a pioneer in Namecoin, this guarantees the secure commercialization of virtual assets where everyone gets the agreed upon and fraud is impossible.

4 · Game channels
These technologies allow games to scale almost infinitely on the XAYA platform, avoid cheating, and eliminate any possibility of fraud when operating.



The XAYA Tab Exchange Period (TEP) will allow interested parties to exchange BTC (and possibly other cryptocurrencies) with CHI Tokens. The TEP will be divided into two main blocks: the Public Presale and the Main Sale of Tokens, each with its own maximum limit. The purchased tokens can be redeemed once the gene block is removed. .

The XAYA main sale is currently live!

For more information watch this short video!


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