Tronscratch number one gaming platform with a lot of benefit for stakeholders

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Blockchain technology is gradually creeping into every industry, and in the coming years, its presence will be felt like never before. One of the industries that this technology is expected to connect with to a deeper level is the gambling industry.
The token is not a digital currency, security, commodity, it is an utility token that will be use for medium of payment on the platform


How tronscratch will use Blockchain technology to disrupt the gambling industry:
Tronscratch is a decentralized PvP gaming platform that supported mobile , it is launched with best games like Tic Tac Toe and rock paper scissors while other popular games like dart, checkers , and goofspiel with others will be integrated to the platform. Before I proceed let me quickly illustrate the beauty of two best games of Tronscratch platform

Tic Tac Toe
It is a paper and pencil game played by two people X and O , by marking the space in 3 grids . the first player to make their marks in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows wins the game

Rock paper scissors
It is a hand game usually played by two people, of which both players form one of three shapes with an outstretched at the same time. The shapes symbolize rock ( a closed fist) , paper ( a flat hand ) and scissors ( a fist with index and middle finger extended horizontally forming a V)


Guide on how to play games on Tronscratch
It is advisable to use chrome for PC , then add tronlink extension to the browser by clicking this command “add to chrome”
Another good side of it is that it can also be played on mobile phone that have a lot of users worldwide, just sign in through a mobile app and download Tron wallet address
Alternatively, you can play their simple and fun games TIC-TAC-TOE and ROCK PAPER SCISSORS
Each player have time frame of just 20 secs, anyone who win takes 90% of the trx wager in that match

Tac tokens specifications and usage
It is an utility token of the platform , it is serves as a reward system for players in the form of mining . Total supply is 10 billion, out of it 10 million would be pre mined
There is also a buy back monthly from the team and burn , in order to reduce the total supply

Reasons to use the platform and invest in Tac tokens
It allowed users to mine the token adjustable mining rate of 100 trx to 1 Tac and have varieties of level of package for players
Level 1: 10,000 - <100,000 (TRX WON)
Level 2: 100,000 - <1,000,000 (TRX WON)
Level 3: 1,000,000 - <10,000,000 (TRX WON)
Level 4: 10,000,000 - <100,000,000 (TRX WON)
Level 5: 100,000,000 and above (TRX
It have dividends system where users can locked their Tac such in a way that will reduced total circulation and improve price of the token
It have a unique referal system where players can shared their link with friends and family and get 0.5% of their staked trx

Tronscratch is a decentralized gaming platform that supported both PC and mobile users to bet on their favourite games , it gives out dividends to holder of Tac and enabled referral system to earn 0.5% of staked trx

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