Playloteo decentralized lottery platform that have the interest of players at heart

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Blockchain technology is gradually creeping into every industry, and in the coming years, its presence will be felt like never before. One of the industries that this technology is expected to connect with to a deeper level is the gambling industry.

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Introduction to playloteo lottery platform
Playloteo token is a digital currency, security, commodity, it is an utility token that can be use to play lottery on their platform
How playloteo set to use blockchain technology lay new standard in gambling industry

Transparency and Trust
Online lottery have in the past been accused of using tricks and scams to steal from customers’ right in front of their noses. Who has never heard the statement, the house always wins? Proven cases of fraud make online gambling something to keep away from. You see, if a gambler knows that the odds are stack against him/her because of lack of transparency, he/she will keep away. And if gamblers stay away, the lottery platform will not make money.
The introduction of Blockchain technology will boost trust among customer and enable them to bet with confidence since playloteo uses smart contract to execute winning numbers to ensure maximum fairness

Reduce Fraud
Online fraud causes account for significant loses in the gambling industry. A player may decide to be “smart “and defraud the operator when making a deposit or withdrawing money when using the lottery system , Worse still fraudsters can hack the lottery’s system through the servers’ back door.
Blockchain technology solves this problem by providing secure ways of transactions. Blockchain’s distributed ledger makes it an impossible task to manipulate anything in the system. Your winnings are automatically calculated and sent you. Thanks to smart contracts.

Acceptance of cryptocurrencies to play games
The other obvious thing that Blockchain has brought on board is the use of Urun as an alternative payment method. A good example of a gambling site where the use of crypto has been very successful is playloteo. It is supported loteo as a medium to play lottery, accepting cryptocurrency creates an opportunity for players to venture way beyond there regulatory jurisdictions since crypto is no dependent on regulated payment services. In addition, Blockchain technology will significantly reduce costs associated with withdrawals and deposits to casinos since it eliminates intermediaries such as banks

Why playloteo gaming platform have edge over others
It give chances for users to win compare to other lottery platform. It token structure also on point such in a way that the security token bring more value as up to 20% of each prize splitter
It launches referral and charity program to encourage users to draw more players to their platform

Token structure and usage

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Loteo is a decentralized platform built on blockchain, the most uniqueness of it is that, their platform is highly secured, licensed and offered users to do Kyc/AML before they can enter the lottery and have many giveaway like charity program and affiliate space program, bounty and airdrop where users can earn more loteo by simply doing various task

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