Nupay decentralized payment service where users and merchants can connect and trade goods and services

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Hello friends, today I would like to tell you about a great platform that connect consumers and merchants together anywhere in the world and bypass unnecessary intermediate


Introduction to Nupay
A platform called « Nupay is a decentralized project built on blockchain technology opened a new page in the world of blockchain technologies, playing a crucial roles in connecting consumers and merchants anywhere in the world thereby cutting fee charge by unnecessary intermediate and it’s all that easy. This is a carefully constructed and developed system that will be able to launched nupay wallet, nupay card and will use crypto-based payment system that will support various transactions method in the future , read on for further information, it will be very interesting!

Expected solutions formulated by nupay to tackle the current payment system platform

It uses blockchain technology for all transactions in such a way that will eliminate unnecessary intermediaries and cutting transaction fees to minimal

It support multiple ways of making payment such as cryptocurrencies, gift cards, vouchers and reward point system that is convertible to purchase goods and . Another unique feature about the platform is that anytime payment occurred, 2% of purchasing amount will be credited in TCPT in user's account

Provision of technical support to existing cryptocurrencies holders anytime they used TCPT to make purchase or any other cryptocurrency

Core elements that made Nupay a distinctive project


Nupay payment platform
It is a medium where users can use likes of cryptocurrencies , vouchers and point reward . Their native token TPCT will be used along with other major cryptocurrencies

Nupay network connect users with merchants directly, and expand the payment through the introduction of cryptocurrencies, vouchers and rewards point that boost the number of consumers visiting stores that have nupay network installed

Nupay reward users of the platform with TCPT based on the 2% of their purchased amount . Be it the 2% reward, vouchers and reward points are accepted in any store that partnered store

Nupay blockchain
It is uses its own blockchain to process transactions such in orderly manner that will makes everything transparent, transactions details, account history, and payment address in a master node can be viewed

Nupay scan
It is an object to monitor transactions on nupay blockchain . It is like an explorer where all verified transactions record, wallet addresses of cryptocurrencies holders can be searched publicly

Reason to use nupay platform
It cut the unnecessary fees imposed by intermediate
It support varieties of payment method, e.g cryptocurrencies, vouchers, reward points
It gives out 2% of native coin back on total purchased amount
It charges less fees
They are transparent, all transanction processed on their blockchain and can be monitor using nupay scan

Nupay is a decentralized service payment system that connect users and merchants together in order to trade goods and services in exchange for cryptocurrencies, vouchers or reward points , it also rewarded 2% of total purchased with their native token in users account

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