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Good day everyone, welcome to my blog , I have come with another beautiful project today but before l proceed l will like to define the keywords blockchain and cryptocurrency so you can guys can flow with me

Blockchain was invented by a person who goes by the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto.
The blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks. Each block contains the cryptographic hash of a previous block, a timestamp and transaction data.
In its simplest form blockchain is a technology that helps users store information. Interest in blockchain doesn’t lie so much in the fact that it can store information, but rather in how that information gets added, validated and when we talk about technologies it also served as the house of information, we usually refer to them as databases. Just like schools have databases filled with details on their students, parents and teachers; businesses have employee databases filled with salary information, next-of-kin, bank account details and reporting structures, same way it served as database for all cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are coin or tokens built on blockchain technology
The biggest difference between cryptocurrency values and fiat money is that fiat currencies are backed by central governments and declared as legal tender. Its value is basically derived from the fact that the central government has stated that it has value and two parties in a transaction put their trust in that value.


Introduction to hubrisone
It is a decentralized crypto saving app that also act as a traditional fiat bank account , It is regulated, easy to use and got license from estonia government and striked partnership with some key cryptocurrency and blockchain partners

Problems facing traditional savings and how hubrisone set to solved them
Many crypto saving apps are unregulated and lack global inclusion, many have breached users security and data in the past due to lack of their transparency and capable of committing fraud, for example, stealing of users private key or selling their kyc data to another company

Another factors is many people viewing cryptocurrency and fiat currencies differently , to tackle this, crypto need trustworthy and regulated company like hubrisone in the scene

Traditional way of saving fiat currencies is crippled with a lot of factors like poor customer service, exorbitant exchange fees and Co

Solutions propounded by hubrisone to tackle the aforementioned problems
Hubrisone made creation of bank account easy and simple for everyone using the app after kyc verification, users can do all activities of traditional banking

It is uses stellar blockchain for transactions and made international money transfers fast and status visible on blockchain unlike traditional way that do takes several days to process

With private key and pin users can easily save and send varieties of crypto up to 200 within the app, and support features to add debit card within the app for ease global payment

Hubrisone offer crypto back loan with interest rate as low as 10% without any credit score required check

It have an internal crypto exchange where users can use auto exchange functions to swap from bank account to crypto wallet without any stress or risk of using crypto exchange with exorbitant fees


Reasons to support hubrisone project
Token burnt quarterly to reduce total supply
Token back as reward when exchanging on the app
Varieties of service to bring more liquidity in the market such as option to add bank account, crypto back loan, auto exchange of more than 200 cryptocurrency

It is a crypto saving app that is fully licensed and regulated where users can Pay Friends with Email or Phone Number ,Instantly Buy, Sell or Exchange ,Crypto Wealth Portfolio , Track Market Prices and many more. There are currently no project out there offering what hubrisone is offering completely. I repeat, no one. I have done extensive research. Maybe you are not happy that hubrisone launched the idea first. The team is focused on their own project. Not on other people., you can download their app below

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