Bethash gaming and staking platform that have high level of security and transparency

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Hello everyone, in this article I will talk about bethash gaming platform that is trying to stand out among other gaming platform with the assertion of reliability and easy to use gaming platform interface supporting major cryptocurrencies like EOS TRX Btc Eth

The idea and reality of founder of blockchain technology Satoshi Nakatomo, that developed blockchain technology. Bitcoin first coin has already established itself with wide masses. We have witnessed similar initiatives of many alternative coins and project like hash of bethash respectively that are doing better with working product (gaming platform) that can back the demand for it token in the market though bitcoin is the number one coin with largest market share but investing in good project with potentials like bethash is not a bad investment decision or using their platform to bet is also a good choice for all gamers


Overview of bethash gaming and staking platform

Bethash is a decentralised gaming and staking platform built on EOS blockchain, it is my number one choice gaming platform because of many distinctive advantages it have over others from the same industry , it is a gaming platform with high level of security to extent of processing withdraw manually to avoid breach of security that leads to lost of players or investors fund and have many promotional activities that can benefit not only players but also investors, like referral system, lottery system, dividends,

Distinctives benefits bethash gaming platform have over others from the same industry

Referral system
It have referral system where users can share their affiliate link and earn money anytime the referral game, affiliate commission will be added to the account . Good of side of it is that bethash paying on both sides whether the player win or loose unlike traditional exchange that pays only when The player loose

Lottery system
BetHash have a Lottery system where player can be selected in a once-per-minute game, running for a total of 1440 rounds per day, 365 days per year non-stop. Player can bet on as many, or as few rounds as they like and it is uses eos blockchain to select The wining number to ensure utmost transparency

It pays dividends to players on regular basis, it pays daily dividends for staking hash and users can also get hpoint through dividends and betting . Dividend payout depends on the total amount of staking. I can assure my readers their payout pool is quite cool and stable conpare to other staking and gaming platform


Availability of varieties of games
Bethash offered varieties of games that wagers will like ranging from provably fair dice, slots, lottery and blackjack and more games are adding frequently

Security Measure
Their security features is very great to extent of doing manual processing of withdraw of any quantity to safe the users fund from breached of security

Transparency and Trust
Bethash uses blockchain hash to pick winning numbers to ensure maximum fairness to the players

Bethash is a gaming and staking platform that have numerous ways of compensating investors and players based on their activities level. Like giving passive income , lottery , dividends and offer varieties of game to play with their native token hash. It gives hpoint as a reward system that can later be converted to hash and trade on their inbuilt exchange,stakes or use to play bet

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