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Blockchain technology is gradually creeping into every industry, and in the coming years, its presence will be felt like never before. One of the industries that this technology is expected to connect with to a deeper level is the gambling industry.

Betting is an agreement usually between two parties that the one who has made an incorrect prediction about an uncertain outcome will forfeit something stipulated to the other , casino betting is the activity of predicting game results and placing a wager on the outcome. The frequency of casino bet upon varies by culture, with the vast majority of bets being placed on is provably fair dice, slots, lottery and blackjack


Despite this exponential growth of the industry, it is still lack trust and diminished level of reputation, traditional online bookmakers are faced with lack of trust , transparency, regulation and high cost of running the business that leads to high cost of odds in favor of the bookmakers, all these challenges stemmed up due to it centralized nature ,

Bethash strategized solutions to solve these problems at source , by providing a betting platform that based on EOS blockchain technologies , with the aid of smart contract users have control over their funds and betting transactions all the times , it decentralized nature will makes the users to benefit from full transparency and total freedom in their betting experience

Problems encountering by traditional ways of betting

Lack Of Trust
It is a centralized system thereby makes it vulnerable to have trust issues , all transactions not transparent on blockchain technology thereby it require a lot of trust , which is sometimes exploited by the bookmakers at the expenses of their users

It only accept fiats as a means go bet while decentralized gaming platform accepted cryptocurrency to gain access to more users

Bethash method of solving these problems

Bethash will eradicate the issues with a decentralized blockchain solution, the traditional method will be replaced by trustless and distributed ecosystem, running on self executing smart contract powered by EOS blockchain technologies, players will benefit from full transparency and have total control over their fund
It decentralized nature with all the requirements will gives the users full confidence and eliminate possibility of a single point of failure

What makes bethash unique among others from the same industry


Varieties of games
It support varieties of games that players can select on choice and many more will still be added in the future

Referral system
it have a referral program that users can earn through sharing their affiliate link and received referral commission when there referral wage a bet for promoting their brand

the more users bet, the more the dividends, users can also stakes their hash and get daily pay out dividends

Passive income
It share daily bonus to all hash holders based on amount they are holding

Loyalty rewards program
Bethash will share all its net profit to token holders according to their holding quantity

Bethash is a decentralized gaming platform built on EOS blockchain network that used smart contract and help users have control over their fund and betting transactions without entrusting it to intermediary, it gives users full transparency by selecting wining numbers with blockchain technology to ensure maximum fairness

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