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Pivot is the largest and one of the most successful cryptocurrency community in China.

It was received investment funding from Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. To provide its service to cryptocurrency investors all around the world, it was launched its English version in the middle of September, and within two weeks, more than one million users have signed up the English version. This is the start of the ecosystem of Pivot English.

All users can forward the official post of the "Daily Bitcoin Bonus" campaign phase III Click here to share and this official video of Pivot (Click here to share)on your social media account, then they will give you 314.1 PVT for each social media platform. 10 platforms (3141 PVT) maximum for one person. Only the first 3141 users who participate will receive the reward.

Now, Pivot is also looking for influential KOLs (VIPs) among all of its users. (Optional)

Do you have a lot of followers on Facebook, Twitter or other social media?

Are you a moderator of a very large cryptocurrency or airdrop group?

Are you a famous writer in cryptocurrency communities, for example, bitcointalk and steemit?

Do you have a lot of followers on Youtube or other video websites?

Do you work in a blockchain press?

Are you a KOL in any communities?

If the answer to any questions above is “Yes”, or you have more than 1000 followers on social media, you should join us! We’ll offer you the chance to earn more PVT(Pivot Token) and the newest information of our campaign in the future. If you’re interested, please send your personal profile, proof of your influence on social media and your plan about promoting Pivot to our email, luoyi0543@gmail.com. Please stick the form of the email's title to "Cooperation-your country-your name.

Register PIVOT to get BTC Bonus:PIVOT is a community for cryptocurrency investors. https://www.pivot.one/app/invite_login?inviteCode=ddjgcs


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