Now Searching anything's on Internet will give you profit

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You can earn $20 per month for just searching your necessary keywords.

So what are you Waiting for, let's start to the necessary steps to get profits.

Presearch was a Decentralised Search engine. Which will gives you 0.25 PRE TOKEN for every time you search your favourite keywords on Internet using Presearch service. You can earn a maximum of 32 Time per day. Which makes 32×0.25=8 TOKEN.

Each TOKEN give you $0.09, which amount to 8×0.09=$.72 each day. And 30×0.72=$21.6


Click here to Sign-up in the Presearch service and get 25 PRE TOKEN for free

2. Click on sign up now


3. Enter your personal Details and verify you are not a Robot and hit on the Sign-up now


And it's done now you get 8 TOKEN every day just searching through Presearch service.

Click here to Sign-up in the Presearch service and get 25 PRE TOKEN for free

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Nice information buddy..


Sorry for my mistake. I didn't know that
Thanks for sharing this information


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Thanks for your help

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Yes but you’ll need a minimum balance of 1000 tokens to cash out and that takes forever! I wouldn’t recommend trying to use this to make any kind of money but just for fun as a little hodl excercise also it’s kinda annoying trying to use it do multiple searches after one another since it’s basically a redirect platform and not its own search engine

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