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After installing the Brave browser, I received an ad about a website called This twitch like website allows viewers and streamers to earn crypto tokens. I don't know how much streamers make but when I watch a stream, I realize the number of tokens you earn depends on how many peers you are connected to. It pretty much shows how much data you share with others. When you start watching a stream, you have only 1 peer, that is yourself. Once you have 2 or more peers, you start earning. It takes 10 minutes to see the earned amount in your wallet. It is that easy.

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I was able to earn 200 tokens called TFUEL (Current price= $0.004489) in a couple of days. What you earn from SLIVER can only be used at their store to buy stuff though. That's why I took a look at other ways to earn TFUEL. Let's go over the structure they have real quick.

What is THETA and TFUEL?

General idea of the tokens can be found in the link below:

THETA Token is pretty much used to stake as a Validator or Guardian node to contribute to block production. This idea is similar to the miners (weed/pal miners) we see on steem-engine. The more you stake, the more you earn type of logic. The supply of this token is fixed at 1 billion.

On the other hand, TFUEL feeds the ones that make and watch streams in the network. It works as the "gas" of the THETA protocol. TFUEL is used mainly for microtransactions and THETA is for staking and securing the network.

How do you install a guardian node?

This article below explains how to install a node.

You will need a Theta wallet to be able to use this guardian node. Opening one is pretty easy through this link. However, sending money to the wallet is a little tricky. I suggest using which allows you to make trades between ETH and TFUEL.

The client only works for Windows at the moment. I will share how much it made within a week with "0" THETA staked. I installed it to my machine, I have a pretty sick internet speed and I let it run for 24 hours in the past 7 days.


It made 100TFUEL/day which is like $0.45/day at the current price of TFUEL. Once everything is installed, running a node requires zero effort. It doesn't slow your computer but it may slow down your internet. I may stake some THETA tokens to be able to see its effects in earning in the next couple of days.

Please correct anything that may seem wrong in the text by commenting below. Here is my referral link if anyone wants to use it:

Thanks for reading!

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