If Japan and Korea allow Cryptocurrency why not Others

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Japan is one of the largest economies in the world. It is a technologically advanced country. Japan always welcome new and better technology. Cryptocurrency and its underlying technology is the new and revolutionary. new technology can bring a lot of positive things to the country and society as whole. It can use almost all sector of the society.

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Blockchain technology is such technology which can be used in every sector of our society to bring efficiency and Accountibility. Japan adopted blockchain technology quickly. When a lot of countries still dislike cryptocurrency, Japan is the leader in this sector.

South Korea is another technologically advanced country. As like Japan, Cryptocurrency is legal in South Korea. the South Korean government even funding to improve and development of blockchain technology. In the beginning of this year, It was rumored that South Korean government is going to ban Cryptocurrency and everything related to it.

Fortunately, South Korea is different. Government high officials had praised blockchain technology. Instead, They said the government will fund the good project for development.

If South Korea and Japan can fully support Cryptocurrency why not other countries? What is the main fear of these countries?

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