Cryptocurrency and Blockchain can go to the moon - Just a simple decision

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The Prime Minister of Malta is a big fan of cryptocurrency. He terms Malta as a Crypto Island. Unfortunately, Not all government officials are not a big fan of Cryptocurrency. Instead, some of them see crypto as a threat to national security. currently, the Chinese government does not like cryptocurrency. That's why China banned cryptocurrency at the end of the last year.


But Cryptocurrency is not holding back. It is rumored that Chinese investors are still investing in Crypto through a different medium. It is true that Crypto market is driven by crypto positive news, rumor and government regulation. If the market is positive enough, more and more people will invest in a cryptocurrency. New investors will come to the market.

Currently, China is focusing on Blockchain technology. Hopefully, someday China will come out with a revolutionary declaration of Crypto acceptance. But the sign and symptoms are not favorable currently. On the other hand, Crypto market does not depend on a single country as well.

If you look at the market situation and crypto price, Crypto market experience all-time high price and market capitalization after the Chinese ban on Cryptocurrency. China, India and other big economies will definitely help to flourish crypto market but market is not solely rely on these countries.

What I am trying to say that Crypto market go even higher, we may see widespread crypto adoption. But we need to get approval from government authority. Without approval, Crypto market will not see expected growth. Guess what, if Chinese government allow cryptocurrency, If big e-commerce company (Alibaba, Amazon) started to accept cryptocurrency, we will see sustainable exponential crypto growth

What is your opinion on Crypto growth? Please let us know your comment below

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I am really liking my Dogecoin at the moment ... great Contrarian coin

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Everything is possible.

I think cryptocurrency will have bright future.

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