What is SingularDTV?

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What is SingularDTV?


SingularDTV was founded on the belief that decentralization is an important element in the evolution of human beings. SingularDTV's focus is decentralizing the global entertainment industry to free creators from value-sucking intermediaries and gatekeepers that minimize profit potential and censor expression. SingularDTV's breakthrough discovery was programmatically embedding intellectual property in data-vessels on the blockchain and creating an infrastructure to track and manage the rights, revenue and value flow of that intellectual property.

SingularDTV has employed this discovery in a variety of projects, including the SNGLS Media Distribution Protocol, the snglsDAO, Singular J, Breaker, and Tokit. SingularDTV has also produced original content via Breaker Studios, including the blockchain documentary TRUST MACHINE: THE STORY OF BLOCKCHAIN and LA FORTALEZA, and the upcoming THE HAPPY WORKER and ANTARCTICA.

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