What is NavCoin?

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What is NavCoin?
NavCoin is an easy to use digital currency - run by its community. It's programmable money that lowers the cost of doing business in the Web3 economy. Designed for fast, cheap, and secure peer-to-peer payments NavCoin is a network that's driven to lowering the cost of doing business.

NavCoin funds itself using the most advanced community fund ever built. The first fully-decentralised, fully-autonomous fund that only the community controls. Decentralization is built into the very foundation of the network, to create a culture of permissionless innovation.

NavCoin scaling testing shows current capacity at 260+ transactions per second, alongside active research into layer 2 scaling solutions, while NavCoin uses OpenAlias to make sending money as easy as typing an email address- transactions show up in seconds, and are confirmed within 30 seconds, making it ideal for business.

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