The absurd hypocrisy of slave masters

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What is the name of those institutions that forcefully prepare the vast majority of people to go work for a tiny percentage of their work's value?

They are the same institutions that (unofficially) teach them to react against it.

They don't teach them -however- how to effectively deal with it.

I didn't get taught how to create websites, graphics, business in school. I was only (forcefully) made to parrot how combine chemical elements that I'm never going to encounter (leave alone to need to combine) what color panties queen Victoria wore, and above all I got taught to adapt to authority --to 'self-proclaimed' always-right folks.

On the same time I got taught how to complain about it, as if complaining would make it go away; to be an eternal baby and expect to be taken cared of --to expect to be controlled.

In the same spirit, wouldn't take financial suggestions from people that are supportive of the notion that working for a tiny percentage of your production's value is 'normal', nor from those who invite me daily to sit and cry about it.

For the old to leave something new must be created; and that's what's being done in the world of cryptocurrency. One might not be treated like a baby there. One might not be taken by the hand and guided, nor be protected. One can rely on his own abilities and be rewarded accordingly, (or even the opposite) by himself. That's a game wherein you can play, instead of just being played.

I personally don't write in here (nor anywhere else) to make anybody get upset about things. I'm not trying to incite reactions that backfire unto oneself. How thing are and will be for each one doesn't depend on others that might wish to control him. But it could, if he believed in their lies.


Love your post, upvoted! It reminded me of this guy last July:

Hero 1: Satoshi Nakamoto
Hero 2: Edward Snowden
Hero 3: this guy

Yes, he gave crypto quite a boost and he did it with style huh?

Thank youuuu

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