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I am not writting this article in order to advice others which coins to trade. I'd like to give you a general tip concerning ethical investing, because I like and support blockchains and want them to be free and to expand.

Darwinism in economics has taught us that in order for one to win another must lose. But that is only true when you deal with opposing systems. If that occurs within a system itself, we have a problem Houston; that's when we deal with leeches and scams --even if they are a minority. And that is how we -ultimately- get regulations and lose our freedom, as their victims then seek protection and revenge through authority --which -in turn- makes authorities particularly pleased. You will notice, the more crony a state is, the more dishonest it's business are too (Greece is a wonderful example.)

I personally don't object to competition where there is supposed to be competition (see exchanges). I only object to it where is not said to be any; like when a company asks for funds to deliver a product but it doesn't deliver. And even then -had I been an investor- I would take responsibility for my stupidity and I wouldn't make any authorities trigger-happy, as that's exactly what the purpose of some is.

When you support a product that offers something genuinely useful, valueable, the product wins, you win and the consumer wins too.

That's exactly what happened with Bitcoin; it's a pioneer in offering a tremendously valuable service, as well as in opening the door for others to do the same. It's been a win-win for it's users and investors some of which rightfully became rich with it; as without them it wouldn't exist.

Money goes to popularity and functionality. If there is only functionality money can't go there, as others are not aware of it. And if there is only popularity money might initially go there, but it wont stay there forever. Sometimes that's what we call a bubble.

Honesty is very directly linked to freedom. Keep that in mind if you like, support the honest guys ( don't bash at them for no reason), and we will all win.


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