lower low confirmed.

in crypto •  last year  (edited)

This is weekly candle.

We have seen lower low already. which means we will go down. But if we draw fibo level we will see we r still in uptrend and it can be considered as a healthy correction.

We are safe till we are up above 6800 level. The area where .61 fibo level is.

I think price has been manipulated by bots to accumulate more btc for whales. Some bullish news are coming soon.

Especially ETF which can make btc 10 times easily where we are at now.

Btc is acting like similar to gold chart. But after gold was approved by etf then it went to moon.

I am still bullish we may also see fake breakout below 6800 then up.

No matter what I am looking for buy opportunity.

Its only my opinion don't trade as I tell you use your analysis method first.

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