How do we surrender to today's Crypto currency? । How to became Currency

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Exchange system introduced in the beginning of the civilization of the people. As if someone had wheat with rice, he used to exchange fish by milk.
The problem arises, a rice will sell, but the rice is not needed. That would not be the exchange.
The concept of blanket system (marine blanket / snail / stone) to solve the problem arises.
The earliest history of the earliest history for exchange 1 Chowl price is 100 blanket . 1 kg gold price 10 lakhs Here is a huge problem. Compared to the product, it became more heavy.
About 3500 years ago, a king of India started circulating the currency by melting the metal. Recognition of exchange of currencies for the whole world. Since ancient times, people have been using currency for exchange.
The current issue of the currency is also the weight charged. Jhon jhon sound There is no man who does not lose the coin (forty-five) from his pocket.
In order to solve these problems, drawing on paper and bahari color design, money is arriving. The history of the money is not too long, maybe 200-500 years.
This money is being converted into plastic cards, mobile banking. Through the electric, what will come after? .......
Can not say anything here :)
Hope to understand
"The world is bound to take easy steps"
[I wrote from my own imagination, hopefully, if I am wrong in the information and writing]
Thanks everyone.

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