Open Ledger, OBITS, and Random Undervalued Cryptos - Episode 13

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I just made the picture below my new wallpaper


I follow Charles Hughes Smith on his blog. He recently wrote an interesting blurb on Bitcoin

Even though we all anticipated a squeeze from the BTCGold fork, I never imagined that some of the alts would trend as low as they have. Sure there was a bounce, but as BTC recovered, some alts continue to be squeezed.

Sia coin is a good example, and BTS. I heard a rumor that Vertcoin is about to go parabolic, to the likes of Litecoin.

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OpenLedger-3 28.07

I am going to start talking less about the Bitshares DEX and all of the cool things you can do with it. Today I've been loading up on some Obits, on interest free loans to myself in bitUSD. Not to give away all of my secrets but I'm buying obits at a 7m market cap, and Ronny Boesing, the founder of Open Ledger has no recent activity on the youtube which makes me think he is busy at work similar to how Dan Larimer operates. No news is good news. Ronny isn't on Twitter, although I saw OpenLedger has a new fancy office somewhere in Europe and I get a feeling business is booming, although the market has yet to react.

The other Dan from No Limit coin said he is hitting the 50k daily limit on Bittrex, and is considering hiring a bunch of traders to trade on his behalf to bypass the limit, which I think is a great idea. People will line up to learn the ins and outs of crypto and if they are trust worthy, which I think most are, he is going to clean up. Closing out positions daily on coins like BAT or high liquidity would enable this to be viable. This is a real issue for the whales to be able to trade as much as they'd like. Once these market mature it will be easier to raise the limits, but it's funny that it's the no limit coin guy that is having trouble with limits. haha.

Storj finally popped today.... there are a lot of old school coins that are languishing. GNO, LBRY, SIA, that I think will be revitalized and pop soon. Pretty much monitoring around the 100-200 market cap slots for recognizable names that have fallen off the radar. Nexus is another one that seems to keep going down, but I believe they have a well-connected organization that will find a way to come back. I think there will be a big squeeze unlike we've experienced thus far. I don't know how to prepare for it, other than to say that it's going to be painful.


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