I Changed My Mind - Maybe Bitcoin Cash BCH Isn't Stupid! Episode 21

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Late in 2017, I recall mentioning that Bitcoin Cash BCC or BCH was stupid, and I didn't see the point.

Well.... my views have changed.

No matter how many gains we get in crypto, I think at the core we are all somewhat cheapskates when it comes to fees. I'm not going to pay $80 in fees to send 2BTC or even $5. I'd prefer to send EOS, or QTUM, or whatever....but at somepoint I need to pull out some fiat on Coinbase to pay bills.

Enter BCH.


The other key factor is that cautious, law abiding, conservative crypto-investors are going to stick to Coinbase to get conversions back to fiat done. For tax reasons and otherwise.

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As much as I like to chase gains, I like to stick to the bread and butter of Binance, Bittrex, Bitshares DEX, and unfortunately Coinbase..... at least until Ethos BQX goes live, or maybe the WAVES platform beta adds fiat gateways. I'm not going to hire an accountant, so when I'm calculating in April 2019, I want to be able to do things myself.

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BTC is slow and expensive. ETH has had a pretty good run, and I think is due for a correction as EOS and aELF gain more traction. LTC is worthless and only has value because it's on Coinbase, so that would be my second choice.

But my first choice is BCH which I think would hold it's value or increase slightly while folks are running for the exit.

Moving on.....

There was a pretty big drop in the general market last night on the Korean banning exchanges fud. EOS is holding their meetup in Seoul on Jan 13th, so is seeing a solid run-up towards their "special announcement" BCH and EOS held really well, but those drops man, I think it takes something out of you when it happens.


I checked out the new Waves DEX platform and it is AWESOME compared to the old platform. I think WAVES will continue to gain strength, and I'm going to diversify and start playing around with the platform if I can figure out something that I want to sell (which I don't). aELF EOS GVT STEEM BTS BQX BNB

To be transparent, I am moving all of my BCH to Fiat to "take care of some bills" in the USD world, and reduce some anxiety associated with the fluctuations of the market. I encourage other folks to do so, as to at least recoup my original investment, and make sure I am investing in projects that I believe in.

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Still feel there are many better cryptos available.

The problem is that normally there is no pairs with bcc, so you can't change fast to ripple or something.

I think that Microsoft halting bitcoin payments, and Overstock, and the Bitcoin conference in Miami etc... All of them want to support Bitcoin but it's not logistically possible. The BCH pairs will be added, and these "tipbots" I've seen circulating. If there is a big correction of some sort, or a big run-up and folks want to take profits, the safe route through coinbase is BCH. BCH also going live any day now on Coinbase Europe. HODLs aren't going to dump as the utility of this coin keeps going up. If I were a miner I wouldn't switch to BCH either as I'm making a killing in BTC, but in the end the consumer will have more sway.

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