Doubled Down aELF, added APPC, and RDN Wild Card. Sold BCH Because Grandma Prefers Old-fashioned BTC - Episode 22

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I had been pondering when is the right time to exit some crypto to fiat to "take care of some bills"

Despite what is going on in the markets, normal life goes on, and the fiat bills keep coming, and it always seems like there is a financial restructuring everyone does in the new year.


I couldn't resist the dips when BTC was gaining strength overnight, and some alts were pumping.

Props to the EOS team adding Richard Jung from Bitthumb. I've shilled EOS already and could go on and on, but EOS has deep pockets, and is going to hire the best and brightest, and they believe in decentralized self-governance and giving back to the community. This is a powerful value statement.

I digress.

Last night before trying to catch some zzzz's I was thinking that we are at an inflection point. People are loading up on BTC using their credit cards, grandmothers are trading their favorite alt picks, and from the look of it this has all the makings of a bubble.


The long and short story is no, crypto is not in a bubble. There are countless opportunities for good research, word of mouth, great leadership, vision and the technical know-how to transact to get the assets you want, and then the patience to HODL.

The mainstream media would like you believe that only a few are having their lives transformed, but this just isn't the case.


There are too many great projects, tremendous opportunities and use cases, and momentum in the market that the few that will eventually win, will win big. I'm sick and tired of 0% interest rates in my fiat savings account, so why not invest in projects that I believe in directly without a middle man, for the change to increase my lot 5% or 1000%. Otherwise we are letting the bankers slowly bleed us with "inflation" which it has brainwashed us into thinking that is the new normal.

download (1).jpeg

Anyways, instead of exiting to fiat, I sold BCH, and bought aELF, APPC, RDN, and more GV. Wall street bonuses hit bank accounts on Monday, and I think there will be a surge of interest, and once someone buys BTC or ETH on Coinbase, and bookmarks it is all over. That money will flow into alts, and BTC value of alts will go up.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I'm back into WAVES, and started a lease to the WavesGo pool. There is something to be said about passive crypto investment as being the 401k or IRA of the future. You control the funds and where they are invested, and what returns you get. I think decentralized exchanges like WAVES, and BTS will continue to prosper as being the base currency, and anything that you can Proof of Stake on a Raspberry Pi is a solid investment.

I no longer have to run a heater in my office to stay warm, as if I close my door, my 3 pis mining GRC keep me plenty warm during this cold Minnesota winter.



"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do."

-- Anonymous

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