Bloodbath. How to Learn From Mistakes & Bullish Hysteria - Episode 23

in #crypto6 years ago


Turns out doubling down wasn't the best strategy the other day.

I'm optimistic, and did make some good decisions on the pullback. I wound down my BTS margin position, and went all in on Karma (KRM). This is a new project overseen by Open Ledger. Ronny Boesing is pretty conservative and is approaching the markets with the SAS - Software as a Service to BAS - Blockchain as a Service. It's an interesting model, and I'm intrigued by OBITs, KRM, and they have a pipeline of other projects.


aELF is holding, APPC is a big loser. Bad Call. I'm blaming it on Suppoman.


In the broader fiat market.... I think the days are numbered for the US Dollar. Charles Hughes Smith posted an article about a blow off top market, and S&P over 26,000.

What can we do now? How do we react profitably to the market opportunities?

I'm trying not to look at Blockfolio today, the mood has soured .

Here's how we felt on Jan 1st


and here is how we feel lately



I know the feeling! Lost a little on LINDA! We will rise! lol

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