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As long as the world moves, the technological emergence rises. The blockchain technology is one of the emerged technologies for the transaction system that has become the most exciting one in disruptive and innovative ways. It has been associated with the abundance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies underlined with the technologies for the blockchain along with the distributed ledger.

It records the transaction in a secure, stable and chronological way that led to making it possible for the application in some certain areas. The blockchain networks have earned a lot of contribution to the network system by adopting some innovative ideas while serving the users. Eloncity is the name of the blockchain network that has shown up with the idea of power supply virtually for free.

About Eloncity

Eloncity is the name of the blockchain technology that decentralized the power system with the infrastructure for the sale of millions of self-sufficient microgrids. The system produces the energy and makes sure the energy should be available 24/7 directly according to the utilities and competitiveness. This will add benefits to its use as this may play some important roles to reduce the price of the energy and will ultimately become transparent to everyone. People can use the open technologies of Eloncity in terms of producing electricity and making it virtually free so that the world can be electrified with absolutely clean energy.


Eloncity marks up with the multidimensional approach with the leverages for social and community development, economic viability, technological advancement in addition to regulatory responsiveness through the life cycle. It emphasizes as the framework for the assurance of project planning and implementation of comprehensive information.

This also emphasizes the framework to be synergistically inclusive, equitably tested, locally responsive, system oriented and leverage with the best of technical terms to be used in the specific model. The pragmatic dimension of Eloncity Model describes the foundation with four major components like the financial industry, technologies, communities and governmental regulatory.

These components make the system worthy by the help of some key features that include independent and agnostic, holistic and comprehensive perspective, local and community-driven solution, transparently quantifiable and verifiable, and action of choice and tailed options.

Eloncity gives the best wellspring of vitality to entire city. We give privately delivered vitality which is accessible on day in and day out hours. Our vitality costs are extremely shoddy. Up to one out of four mortgage holders is thinking about redesigns to their warming or power frameworks inside the following two years. Intriguing potential arrangements incorporate sun oriented boards, pellets, warm pumps, keen home robotization, protection, warm window frameworks and LEDs.

We delivered wind vitality. It is brimming with safe. Contamination is additionally controlled by creating vitality in the strategy. Eloncity is viewed as the very breeze city. We are building a solid framework. Air blows on city and we catch the vitality by utilizing this technique.

Eloncity has advanced Wind vitality that join self-created vitality in a few undertakings. One of them is the Wind vitality where the substantial number of houses was worked as a vitality in addition to house. They took a gander at methods for urging inhabitants to receive an economical way of life.

The Eloncity venture has distinguished the most well known and people driving the path in vitality productivity, vitality sparing and the utilization of sustainable power sources in Finland. Eloncity contains very nearly 300 people, associations or organizations which have received sustainable power source arrangements pioneers in an imaginative way. Based on their encounters, the undertaking endeavors to disassemble managerial hindrances, scatter best practices and advance better approaches for business.



The Eloncity Network system has some points of advantage and benefits lies in the system making it more reasonable towards the users. Such as:

  • Open and secured energy transaction

  • Unified and efficient energy marketplace

  • Greater reliability

  • Lower costs

  • Increased safety

  • Social benefits

  • GHG emissions reduction

  • Adaptation

  • Low emission vehicles or transportation

  • Economic development

  • Environmental benefits and public health

Eloncity Solutions

Being a blockchain based trade system, Eloncity makes use of the energy to trade in a transparent way. It is an intelligent and direct current to the last-mile networks with the permanent removal of peak loads. The system also puts emphasis on the direct current appliances to eliminate the repetitive power conversion system. This will have some improvements to the competitiveness of locally produced renewable energy. Another solution can create a hierarchical chain structure. This will enable the flow of energy among the microgrids. Such a process will also include the EV charging or discharge processes at once.

As a non-profit organization, Eloncity advocates for the employment of decentralizing renewable energy in the possible pathways addressing the energy challenges. The attainable energy is making the future safer, cleaner, profitable and accessible to everyone using it.


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