How to be as good at predicting the future as TDV, in 6 easy steps.

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Repost of something i posted in a forum (its a reaction to the TDV vid bitcoin war begins)

Seriously though, TDV has a pretty formulaic method of predicting the future.

1.Make a general prediction about the market price of some major asset. Gold, the dollar, btc, eth, bch, whatever."I have the skinny... {{asset}} is going to go {{up|down}}. You can read all about it in--"

1a.Shill his newsletter.
1b.Shill his gold exchange

2.Base that prediction on his goofy ass International Jewish Consipriacy theories. "Ive been doing a ton of research on what the {{codeword for jew}} are up to. {{goofy conspiracy theory}} . and its going to make {{asset}} go way {{up|down}}, you can read all about the secret details ive uncovered in--"

2a.Shill his newsletter.
2b.Shill his gold exchange

3.If his prediction doesn't come true in the relative short term, "I know i said {{asset }} was going to go {{up|down}} but instead, it went {{down|up}}. This is just a ploy by the {{codeword or jew}} to maximize profits. Just wait, any day now {{goofy conspiracy theory}} will happen then {{asset}} price will {{skyrocket|tank}}... just you wait. I have little known, secret information about how this is all playing out. its all in -- "

3a.Shill his newsletter.
3b.Shill his gold exchange

4.Sooner or later, his prediction is going to come true. Not for the reasons he says, which are mostly nonsense (and anti-Semitic nonsense at that), but just because if youre making a general prediction about asset price, and its not totally outlandish, sooner or later given enough time it will do what you predicted. "See, {{asset}} went {{up|down}} just like i said it was going to. Its proof positive that {{goofy conspiracy theory}} is true. If you want to know where this is all headed, ---"

4a.Shill his newsletter.
4b.Shill his gold exchange

5.Come up with a new conspiracy theory. "I have some breaking information about what the {{codeword for jew}} are up to ... as you all know I was dead on about {{goofy conspiracy theory}} last time, this new one involves an even bigger conspiracy.... you can read all about in my new letter. If you missed out on my last tip, dont miss out on this one too."

5a.Shill his newsletter.
5b.Shill his gold exchange.

6."Also, does anyone want to buy south american passports. I gots a hookup. Youll need them to escape the country when the {{goofy conspiracy theory}} happens, and the {{codeword for jew}}s start circumcising everyone in north america against their will "

6a.Shill his newsletter.
6b.Shill his gold exchange.

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I have no intention of hijacking your post, but I want to take a moment and look back into the past, and i wonder if you ever saw my TDV video?


I had not seen this... its hilarious... i think he needs Butters to manage his social media

This profile fits a lot more people than just possibly TDV.


well, the classics are classics for a reason


I followed TDV early on in my Steemit travels, noting carefully how he acted in his promotional news-esque vids and his other promoted materials.

Its the classic "cold read" kind of technique used by hucksters and con-men all over. Promise something vague, and if it hits, double-down and claim you had the whole thing called from the beginning.

His reputation fell apart for me on several fronts, notably after I noticed he was aligning himself with some rather extreme theorists - such as the "Earth is Flat" people.

Then, I saw he was chummy with Roger Ver (The same person who is using BCash to attack Bitcoin and owns Bitcoin {dot} com), even to the point of having his "Anarchy" conference sponsored by him.

Its funny how grifters and con-men assemble and flock together.

It wasn't long after going through his videos and seeing how TDV operated that he was in for the long con.

So I unfollowed a long time ago and haven't looked back since.

Right now, TDV is actively shilling for BCash - which has already done such an extreme round-trip in price that people have lost significant sums.

The short of it is, I don't trust TDV in the least.

Neither should anyone else, frankly.

Where'd ya go?

follow & vote me please....💜