Your Daily Dose of Crypto News 4chan/biz Style - A Shiller and Troll Paradise

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For anyone out there who doesn't know what 4chan/biz is, you will after this post. I plan to do a Biz post every so often and re-cap what some of the best shillers and trolls are saying about coins in the crypto-space.  It is the business and finance section of 4chan, where users can post anything anonymously on various Boards.  And there is a lot of activity.

Whenever I am having a down day, /biz makes it all that much better.  

Dropped the flash drive with 15 btc in the river while canoeing and never made any sort of back-up ?  Forgot to pick the kids up at school because you were too busy swiping down on Blockfolio?  Got fired from your job for trading shit coins?  Made a fatal trading mistake that costed you your life and fortune, and your wife doesn't know yet, post that shit on /Biz.  Go on.  I swear it will help.  At least others will laugh while you cry yourself into the insane asylum.  

In case you were unaware, here are some highlights of the day.  

Clearly, this guy know exactly what he is talking about.  He has the schedule down to a science man.  At the very least, this needs to be respected and appreciated.  See?  Even he checks his Blockfolio every five minutes.  You are not alone.

Taking stabs at Reddit users is par for the course on /biz.  The Coinbase line charts are the best!  How dare they poke fun at the awesomeness of a line chart with no indicators that all the noobs use to purchase crypto, under the watchful eye of the government.  Have they no shame here?

All the devs of SHIFT have quit and this guy is buying another btc worth . . You guys better sell your SHIFT this instant.  It may drop all the way to 10 sats by tomorrow.

This one is my favorite of the day.  So true. HAHAHAHAHAHA

The squiggly TA voodoo magic has summoned the Leashed Cow Pattern. Once set free to roam, it is known that the cow will disrupt price action by ramming into other price charts.  This is legit stuff.  I'm a believer.  ARK gets hammered quite a bit.  

Are any of you guys holding 0x?  You may want to reconsider and panic sell based on this conversation.  You can thank me later.  


/biz is the home for the homeless in crypto.  Surprisingly, it has a pretty heavy following and can impact people's minds.  There is a strange sort of cult language used.  Truthfully, a lot of it had me cracking me up with laughter. I hope you guys enjoyed it.  Now back to checking my Blockfolio. My hot pocket is almost done.

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Its really funny defiantly gonna visit /biz cow pattern was best thanks for share.


LOL, yea its crazy, it actually looks like a cow though. Thanks for your comment.

@shawnfishbit really thanks for knowledgable post sharing with us. Before I don't know about Biz so much but Yaa from your articles I get some things about that.

Big thumbs up


You are welcome. biz is hilarious . . I can't believe some of the stuff they come up with there. It is not for the easily offended. I appreciate your comment.

I'll have to keep an eye out for that leashed-cow pattern.

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