China's Biggest Blockchain Gains its First DApp as AdEx Joins NEO

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AdEx, a Blockchain-based ad exchange announced it is teaming up with the NEO Smart Contracts System. NEO, which is often dubbed the “Chinese Ethereum” bills itself as the Blockchain for the new “smart economy” and has recently been on a tear up the rankings by market cap and trading volume. AdEx recently released the AdEx core, which is the base smart contract that powers the network. After evaluating the NEO smart contract system, the AdEx team decided that it would be the smart choice to port their AdEx core to NEO. Ivo Georgiev, CEO and founder of AdEx says: “We see the huge potential of NEO and this is why we are aiming at becoming the first NEO-based DApp.” This seems to be useful for all the parties. NEO, which is aiming to be the leader of the “smart economy,” will also benefit from the new relationship. Tony Tao, Secretary-general of NEO Council comments: “We are looking forward to AdEx moving its core to the NEO ecosystem. We are positive that DApps will help us push the Smart Economy further, and AdEx is an excellent trailblazer for this.” This is a milestone for NEO, as they hope to get more DApps on their smart contract platform moving forward.  AdEx is still in the process of releasing the prototype of their advertising service, which according to their white paper will be publically available in February 2018.  However, the AdEx team is confident that it will be ready a few months before that.

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This is great news! I see a big future for AdEx and Neo. Time to invest some more.