Crypto currency from now on, the hell with banks!

in crypto •  3 years ago

Crypto currency is something I believe in! You know what bothers me the most? The bankers, wall street, greed and deception and how it has been rewarded. The banks today are bigger and have us tighter by the balls than before the Financial crisis of '07-'08. By us I mean the average citizen. Isn't it strange that we live in a society where bankers get away with stealing millions, make people homeless, brag about it and eventually find other jobs at other banks? And hell, they are still screwing us over. Imagine all the mortgage payments, interests, commissions, cartels, money laundering and bonuses. These people really belong in jail. The people responsible of course, not everyone is bad. But nothing happened to the real culprits. And let's be honest, did any of us expect that anything would happen to them? I knew back in 2007 these guys would walk away without ever held responsible to their crimes. But hey, if we don't or can't pay our taxes for what reason whatever, than we're screwed. They will come after us as if we are the devil.

Luckily there is something called cryptocurrency. I don't even care if cryptocurrency has faults, is not as stable as we would wish, is like a child that needs to grow up. I dislike the banks and their arrogance so much and I am happy that we won't need them for a lot of things in the future. But I am sure those bloodsuckers will adept and figure out to screw us in a different way. They are already starting to adept. I am sure they would like to use us and exploit crypto currencies. I just hope this time we won't let them and we will be smarter than them.

Trade, send and enjoy our freedom here, on exchanges and online! Long live the crypto!

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