Crypto-currency and Government Control...

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Governments around the world are talking about crypto-currency. And not in a good way....the words being used are in the vein of control, regulation, restriction, ruling, and even banning.

None of these are compatible with crypto-currency's fundamental tenets of decentralization and distrust of states in favor of individuals.

Despite that, or more likely because of those very reasons, governments will attempt to exert control over the blockchain (as South Korea is in the midst of doing right now).

We must resist.

Not only resist, but we should even plan for that eventuality. Perhaps in the way of maintaining what would at that point be a blackmarket blockchain, with some sort of exchange within a country not attempting to control it, or by some individuals, so that users can exchange for physical currency as needed.

I'd be extremely interested in hearing your thoughts about the topic, and in particular, thoughts on how to keep decentralized crypto-currency alive in the face of government control.

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Everything good can be used for bad and I’m more scared of how it can be used for bad, as usually it’s people with a bit of power, the powns of the system, that might just be accidental asswholes that will install total control , without understanding the implications on the world.


Not sure there are many examples where government control over something non-essential has turned out for the better...!


Though I do believe in paying tax and caring for the ones that can’t care for themselves