Due to the fact that my butler also had the day of, I did press the upvote button myself like you commanded me! Great humor, this is what makes a post genuine!
I did read something in the mainstream media about a death cross. This is when the 200 days average drops below the 50 day average ( or the other way around). With the increase of the past 2 days, we are just dodging this bullet! While I don’t do TA myself orgive much value to it, lots of crypto investors do. So it is good to get away from that death cross!
Lets see if I do some magic myself: open the automatic voting thing you use and increase the % of upvote you are giving me generously to a whopping 10%. You know I’m worth it 😂😂👊

You are! Almost. I did raise it 700% :)

Will check it tomorrow!
Hope you don’t mind some banter!

love a good old bit of banter!

70 more days before the banter hell breaks loose. Why?
Around then the world cup starts! Already preparing and prepping myself for it :)

Upvote button was fully smashed lol. This is probably one of your most educational post in my opinion. I wasn't aware of the 3-month rule along with 3-4% from the previous bottom. That's quite a strange thing to think of at the super market lol, I'm just looking for sales while the sheep just are surronding me.

Thanks a lot man. Appreciate that!!

Hahahahaha!! I will smash the upvote button later. You know I have to get some reward too. 😀

What? You selfish **$"#("($/"!!! ;)

(Just kidding of course)

Hope you are right and it would nicely coincide with the tax year ending in many countries and I remember last year prices exploded around this time up to the point of the china ban fud ( wonder what AND when (even more WHEN ) the next big fud is going to be? year is ending as well as you point out. Another good thing. I would be somewhat surprised if prices stayed suppressed the entire year. We have sort of gotten used to it'll see.

I'd certainly by very depressed if that was the case I've already literally changed from a happy hodler into a hobo hodler. But im hoping once the weak hands are out ... does look like a fair bit of market manipulation is going on too, cant have too many well of people running around can we now .. :)

$BTC for another push. Make your bets

Just loved the part with the idiots at the store... for the technical part I'll just take your word for it :)

I really appreciate your hard work and the analysis man :D such a positive soul. keep it up x

Bitcoin looks to heading for 8500. Great post though! Thanks for sharing :)

Bitcoin will definitely go below 5K this year. I was happy to see steem jump with bitcoin only moving slightly but sadly u are right everything is following bitcoin for most part. I think bitcoin will go down another 50% thus brining the alt coins down much more. My hope is it kills the scammy tokens so the legit stuff like steem is left and can break this cycle of being tied to bitcoin and it can rise up on its own...

Ps- upvote bottom smashed indeed

Interestingly enough, Ethereum is forming a bull flag pattern. Check out my post about it!

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