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JAKARTA.For crypto currency enthusiasts, names such as bitcoin, ethereum, or ripple must be familiar.

imageObviously, they are the belle of hundreds of crypto currencies that circulate around the world because of the many demand and the price is high enough.However, a number of domestic crypto money activists seem reluctant to continue to test profits through international crypto coins. As a result, a number of local crypto coins also appear. Each comes with its own features and uses.
Tokenomy (TEN) and Pundi X (PXS) names first known as Indonesian coins. Tokenomy dibesut one Oscar Darmawan, originator of the largest broker sale and purchase company in Indonesia Indodax. TEN slid through an initial coin offering (ICO) on 15 January. Meanwhile, Pundi X held ICO on 21 January 2018.
Increase more ranks of crypto coins from Indonesia, among which is Ana Coin offered by the exchange company that operates in Indonesia, Rekeningku.com. Of the 200 million coins supplied, as much as 40% or 80 million are sold to the public.Prior to ICO, Ana Coin was first sold through two pre-sale titles. First, there are as many as 50 million coins sold at Rp 900. Secondly, as many as 30 million coins sold at Rp 950.Monitoring from Rekeningku.com site, the price of Ana Coin moved up about 6.35% to the level of Rp 1,527, Tuesday (3/7). CEO Rekeningku.com,Sumardi, explained, Ana Coin is a special utility coin used in platform rekeningku. This coin serves as a means of payment of the sale and purchase of coins that took place in Rekeningku.

Any transaction of buying and selling crypto by using Ana Coin will get a discount price, "said Sumardi, Monday (2/7).

In the future, the utility of this coin will be added that is to do community voting on Rekeningku.com platform. Community voting is done to determine the next crypto coin that is worth listing in my Record. The mechanism, every sound given will be exchanged with some Ana Coin.In addition, there is also BBX Coin (BBX) made by Bit Block Xchange. This coin has just rolled through ICO which was held through Rekeningku.com platform, Monday (2/7) yesterday. BBX Coin is supplied with 19.99 million coins, but only 20% or 4 million coins are sold to the public.Agus Lasira, Supporting Team Member BBX explained, this coin will have three utilities. First, to become a paying tool in Waroq, a stall affiliated with BBX spread across Jabodetabek. Second, coins can "be exchanged with loyalty points from a number of merchants who work with BBX. Third, the coins can be exchanged with certified gold in certain amounts.
"These three utilities are being built, for Waroq and BBX Gold are planned to be realized in this year, "Agus said, Tuesday (3/7) to Kontan.co.id.
At ICO, the price of BBX Coin is set at Rp 14,000. Per Tuesday (3/7), based on Rekeningku.com site, the price climbed 9.47% to the level of Rp 20,335 per coin.
Not to forget, there is also Agricoin Masternode (AGC) created by Riski Yudistira and the team through its company AGC Fund.

This coin was already held ICO in November 2017 ago and published in the amount of 12 million coins with the name Agri Coin.

Riski explains, this coin was created with the aim of building peer-to-peer lending in the agricultural sector using crypto. Like current P2P businesses, lenders and borrowers can be reunited through the AGC Fund platform, but transactions will take place using Agricoin.By using crypto, we can more freely reach out to investors from abroad. The potential of lenders is increasingly large, not limited to local investors, "said Riski, who is also a former consultant of PTPN VII, Tuesday (3/7).Later, the invested Agricoin will be bought by AGC Fund and converted into fiat money. Farmers or agricultural entrepreneurs can also receive loan funds in fiat money. Riski mentions, currently 1 Agricoin Masternode stara with 0.2 Bitcoin (BTC).

So far, Agricoin has not been traded on the domestic exchange platform.

Riski sure enough, local crypto coins will be increasingly stretched in the future. Moreover, if every coin that is created has a specific utility that attracts more people. "Blockchain technology in Indonesia is also growing, and many things will be simplified with the use of critpo, including peer to peer lending," Riski said.Agus himself admitted that he has not really seen the crypto coins in the Indonesian market that has a clear and interesting function. According to him, the important thing is to create a coin function that is close and easy for the community.For example, with this BBX later people will be accustomed to transact buying and selling using crypto through the application. Yes, exactly a digital money application is busy now, lah, "said Agus.Especially, the chance of crypto market share in Indonesia including jumbo.Meanwhile, Sumardi said, Rekeningku.com is very open to receive new local crypto coins to join the platform.

In the second half of this year, he claimed to facilitate ICO another new crypto, namely Vexanium.

"As long as the coin platform is good, the end-game is clear and true, and has a community, My account supports local crypto coins to join, "Sumardi said.
However, in truth, he prefers utility crypto than securities coins. The reason, securities coins are often only used to raise public funds without a definite purpose so that more potential to contain elements of fraud.Another case with utility coins that he thought would be more interesting and bring the needs in the community. As a result, the coin will be more liquid and the price potentially continue to rise up.


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