Brave browser pays 🍀🙏💰

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get paid in crypto to be online

06DB929E-F70A-4EE6-ADD7-4B81DDCA55E4.jpegbrave is an ad monitoring browser that pays in crypto

show me the money

Recently just up some Steem power through the trading game im learning the ropes of the crypto world
first to uphold

Then to binance

Use my referral if u don’t already use binance

Then to steemit


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Here is my brave verified website

· is mine🙂 I learning how to develop websites so it’s crappy but u can still tip me

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I'am also got 44 BAT today

Shoot the referral for brave is


Sry bout the bad link guys



Why don’t that work

I couldnt find a way to get it work. Maybe it doesnt work in every country?

i also got paid... yeay!!!!

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I Love <3 Brave Browser
It's a GREAT browser and blockchain project !

I've already collected a total of 273 BAT xD during my tests ^ ^

brave payments.png

If anyone would like to download brave, here's my link -

I am happy to help in case of problems :)


Well maybe u could make ur own post with ur link or u could send me some of those 🦇 coins