Breaking e_Commerce Boundaries Powered By MamboCoin Via Blockchain Technology

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E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and accommodations, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the cyber world. These business transactions occur either as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business. The ecumenical e-commerce market perpetuates to develop actively. In 2017 the total volume of e-commerce market exceeded $ 1.84 trillion dollars. The bellwethers of e-commerce market are China (annual sales of e-commerce market exceed $ 681 billion), the United States (annual sales $ 438 billion) and Great Britain (annual sales $ 196 billion)
There is a company composed in Russia a few years ago who has disrupted the e-commerce industries through potent innovation of blockchain technology and I am blissful to introduce Mambo24. Mambo24 was engendered with a set goal in mind to impact on the 3 most needed e-commerce items which are goods, food, products distribution and air tickets. Hence Mambo24 strive and show much skills in gratifying customers and partners.
To engender a single online platform for simultaneous sale of
goods, air tickets, aliment distribution and to develop an efficacious staunchness
program that sanctions you to purchase the obligatory goods utilizing
To engender a multifunctional e-commerce accommodation that avails
minute and medium - sized enterprise to invigorate their positions in the
domestic market, to magnetize buyers from other regions and to achieve
obligatory profitability for entering the international market.
Mambo24 has been endeavored and tested and found to be efficacious since 2016.
Today, Mambo24 has over 10,000 conventional customers, over 500 partners selling consumer products, more than 300 restaurants from 20 Russian cities, and air tickets to all destinations from 300 world airlines.
The project Mambo24, a prosperous and progressive business, is one of top ten most astronomically immense online rialtos in Russia due to the number of goods and accommodations on the same platform.
Comparative Advantage of Mambo24 Over Other Online Accommodations.
avail customers find / compare / buy products utilizing a single platform;
sanction the utilization of its own currency - Mambocoin (mbc);
sanction to receive a cashback from every purchase, to accumulate a discount percentage and additionally to utilize received funds to pay for other products from the platform;
keep fair and transparent rating of buyers and sellers;
efficaciously promote goods and accommodations of partners in the market;
propose alternative offers of goods from other sellers of the system in case of transitory absence of particular products from a partner;
provide an automated product distribution by category;
bulwark utilizer data at the moment of goods payment on Mambo24 platform;

Mambo24 project is additionally tokenizing their own coin kenned as MamboCoin (Mbc) which will be emitting during the upcoming ICO (Initial Coin Offering) around October 2018 starting with the Pre-ICO.
Token structure:
Token name: Mbc
Blockchain platform: Ethereum
Token standard: ERC20
Perspicacious contract – open, on Ethereum platform
Token currency: price for one token 0.16$ or 0,00034 ETH
The minimum limit for the purchase is 100 tokens.
The maximum limit for buying tokens is no more than 15% of Hardcap
The good news about the cryptocurrency is the absence of external influence on Mbc.
Emission is possible only at the time of ICO and is not regulated by anything except investors demand. There is withal no possibility of Coin Burn.

Allocation of Funds
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Road Map
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I believe it will not be deplorable conception if we have a visual examination of the project convivial media platforms for more information.
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