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The mobile application was initially offered for general performance and information retrieval, including email, calendar, contacts, stock market, and weather information. However, public demand and the availability of developer tools contribute to the rapid expansion in other categories that are processed by desktop application packages. Other software, the growth of a large number of applications, and various applications creates problems which, in turn, lead to the creation of various reviews, recommendations, and sources of temptation, including blogs and specialized online search services.
Blockchain technology allows us to transfer ownership of funds securely using private key encryption or proof of work methods, this technology is transparent, unreliable, and publicly accessible. This technology uses a decentralized consensus to maintain its network. Now, this brings us to the importance of the blockchain for the real estate industry. Blockchain technology is ready to revolutionize many parts of our daily lives, even the way we travel. The real estate industry covers many aspects of a property, including development, marketing, sales, rental, and property management. We now live in a globalized world which means that travel can be accessed naturally. With the push of a button, most people can book flights and fly wherever our wallet will take us. This is what attracted the world to be
The demand for tourism in life makes this market always a place with many things to look forward to. There are many supporting products for the tourism industry, but the similarity between products makes us feel pressured because we cannot choose services to meet our desires. Demand does, but some products do this, with Ezystayz they want to change our approach. By having a volume of data about housing in the resort, Ezystayz will make sure to give you every problem. But for Ezystayz everything is not so simple because the platform is built on a blockchain, which helps make products transparent, and blockchain technology is a world trend. Taking place will help this market become more diverse.


EzyStayz, is a trusted community market for people to list, find and book unique accommodation properties throughout the world. is a welcome development for anyone who is enthusiastic about crypto, throughout the world and the world at large. this presents new global opportunities for new business development for people all over the world. With the ability and uniqueness of the project to create and accumulate wealth for its customers, it provides a unique business development module. with projects aimed at giving crypto holders direct access to short-term and long-term vacation rental opportunities globally. this provides a new platform, which can actually be called a home, despite the fact that you are on your way.

EzyStayz has simplified the process for everyone to travel feeling at home. by finding cheap accommodations during your vacation, Ezystayz is ready to help you! On our platform, you can book a room or apartment directly from the property owner and enjoy a price that is at least twice lower than a centralized platform.

Market Potential

The global vacation rental industry is around $ 130 billion. United States in 2017, which is 18.1% of the global holiday market. This is a rapidly changing industry created for exponential growth. The short-term vacation rental market is one of the most attractive segments in the real estate and property management fields. HomeAway, the online holiday market, has reported a 44% increase in listings since 2009. Real estate agents, real estate managers, and independent property owners are competing to get a share of this pie. However, there are risks involved, as well as the rewards of accessing them for homeowners and tenants.

EzyStayz website

EzyStayz already has a fully operational website with more than 800,000 real estate listings worldwide, but the EzyStayz website is structured as part of a larger network that runs across a single blockchain platform to perform various B2B functions. EzyStayz will work with several providers to make transactions seamless so that it acts as a big umbrella for existing cryptocurrency.
This platform is designed to encourage participation through two-level remuneration levels that focus on short-term and long-term participants and stimulate referrals.
The EzyStayz website is at the heart of the short-term blockchain rental ecosystem. The main elements of this platform are digital wallet, website, modular functions, and EzyStayz (EZY) tokens.

Digital wallet

Multi-currency cryptocurrency applications allow users to store, manage, and buy their cryptocurrency without the need to manage multiple wallets. Users enjoy a high level of security thanks to multi-signature technology and plenty of hot backup and backup. Multi-currency wallets can be financed with various cryptocurrencies. The private key for each EzyStayz wallet is protected through a standard hot and cold storage solution. Users can choose various cryptocurrency as payment sources in the EzyStayz platform. The advantage of Ezystayz Wallet is direct payment with cryptocurrency, no FIAT exchange, no debit card or bank account.


TOKEN TYPE ERC20 - Ethereum
TOKEN SUPPLY 5,600,000,000 EZY





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