The Future of Money [Podcast]

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"In some ways, the stability of the world’s financial system is crumbling. Countries are trillions of dollars in debt, wages are not supporting the increasing cost of living and savings are virtually non existent for many. In this show, we discuss future trends in financial exchange such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, bartering and participating in conscious communities with our panel of guests, Michael Tellinger (South African author and founder of the Ubuntu Movement |, Gary Christmas (founder of and RowLow (musician/actor, investor and editor at Coachella Magazine)." ~KX 93.5FM

i'm honored to be invited back on @kx935 on Awakening Code Radio w/ 'Michelle Anderson & Eric Steven Rankin among the inspiring Michael Tellinger & dynamic Gary Christmas. we went down the crypto bitcoin rabbit hole for sure. enjoy the podcast. 🖖👽#nurdthug

From the KX93.5 FM Studio in Laguna Beach, CA on Awakening Code Radio

The Future of Money Podcast
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