Crypto: The Dawn Of The Single Greatest Wealth Transfer In The History Of Mankind...?

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As I was writing a piece yesterday on Bitcoin's ascension towards one million dollars per Bitcoin - a prediction posed by numerous experts - I pondered the sheer amount of wealth being generated through the cryptocurrency phenomenon. Especially amongst those who got in early and have stayed invested, there are likely to be an entirely new generation of billionaires in the making as blockchain technology takes hold in the mainstream, as well as quite a few multi-millionaires amongst the "early adopters" still getting in now.

I also had flashbacks of this concept I'd read or heard about from a number of different sources - "the greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind."

Hearing this, years ago, I didn't really understand how this would go down or see the possibilities for what was even meant by the idea.

Yet, in reflection upon the video content shared in which alot of facts were laid out as to why cryptocurrency is such a huge disruptive force and what implications its accelerating adoption holds, there was an awakening sense of recognition: we are in the beginning of that wealth transfer.

This conversation assumes you may already have some foundational knowledge about the corrupted nature of the fiat banking system - a topic many in the crypto space are familiar with. So, we aren't going to go far into that aspect of this narrative. Though, it is highly relevant - given Bitcoin was fundamentally started as an alternative to the international standard money systems run by crooks, as a means of transforming the global economic system to a decentralized model based on ethics and harmony with natural law, rather than the scarcity-based egoic greed and lust for domination characterizing the old.

You most likely already know the figures... the top 5% hoarding 95% of the wealth, instilling protocols of forced taxation - a.k.a. unconsented theft and usury schemes to essentially enslave populations in a rat race to pay off a ceaselessly-accumulating public debt, largely exaggerated through trillion-dollar military expenditures to sustain a military-industrial complex making trillionaires of unknown headfigures owning the banks at the highest levels.

Yeah - it sounds almost like something out of a movie, or as though I'm going conspiracy nut here. But most of us have been down that rabbit hole and know there is ALOT seriously twisted with our global governance systems. And, many of us have been drawn into this crypto universe with a desire to serve a revolution putting an end to those outdated models that self-perpetuate at great extraneous costs to human life, environmental health, and social & cultural maturation.

Perhaps it wasn't all some huge conspiracy of an interdimensional lizard race seizing control of world leaders to enslave the human race through debt. (Or maybe there was some fragments of truth in some of those extremist views). Perhaps, it was all merely artifacts of an early evolutionary phase in human consciousness development - inevitable growing pains in the larger context of a dualistic reality abundant in dichotomous paradox as society did progress.

Either way, we find ourselves at a rather interesting time on this planet, with a convergence of many fascinating factors. We are at a tipping point as our technological development approaches a "singularity." A rapid acceleration of consciousness, information accessibility, and technological capability is bringing us to a catalyst.

There has been great inequality in our economic systems, instability in our political systems, weakness in our financial systems, abnormalities in our cultural codings, perversions in our societies, etc, etc.

And - though change is inevitable, as a natural law - all this is about to change.

While there could be volumes written on those distinct arenas - economics, politics, finance, commerce, culture, sociology, etc - these are not segrated. They are all interoperable components in this larger system called humanity and its world. The solutions to mankind's greatest challenges lies in the intersection. Though for now, let's focus back in on the economic aspect of the financial system and the approaching wealth transfer...

For years, fringe-dwellers, revolutionaries, rebels, artists, and underground entrepreneurs have ideologically battled against the injustices of the corrupted global financial-political systems. Yet, cryptocurrency & blockchain technology may have been the secret weapon they've been waiting for.

Like Buckminster Fuller infamously stated,

Crypto/blockchain IS the alternative system.

It is the means by which humanity can now upgrade the infrastructure of its political-economic models such that corruption becomes increasingly possible.

It is a platform upon which the passionate rebels, revolutionaries, and visionaries of a just, fair, honest society may be able channel their creativity into designing new means of creating value, collaborating in problem-solving, conducting value exchange, and go about effectively allocating resources to benefit the health of the whole.

Satoshi Nakamoto was far more than just an anonymous computer programmer. Gifting Bitcoin, he laid the seeds for the transformation of our society so as to serve the human race from averting the complete disaster inevitable were we to carry down the path we have been. He gave birth to a movement, and an army of developers desiring to build an alternative to the corrupted fiat banking system nurtured those seeds. The outcome: we are witnessing - and participants in - the complete transformation of society's economic governance systems.

And in the spirit of keeping balanced perspective - maybe such a viewpoint could be over-optimistic. Maybe there is a crypto bubble right now, some unforeseen event will bring a halt to to it all, and the grand idealized visions are hype. Though more likely, not.

And while this portrayal of the shift may sound dramatic, most may not even be aware it is occuring. For many, it may happen so slowly in the background, and they may not have the interest to learn about what is unfolding that they will go on relatively blind to the transformation, their lives moreless directly unaffected.

However, there does lie tremendous opportunity for those in the trenches of this movement, who are becoming familiar with the terrain and fluent in the protocols of the emerging systems of decentralized governance and wealth creation.

This is not the article to convince you there is going to be huge wealth created through cryptocurrency and the tsunami of blockchain technology transforming industries, institutions, governments, and collaborative culture.

If you haven't seen that coming yet, get to work investing in your knowledge and you eventually will.

Predictably, leading cryptocurrency values will rise. As will unicorns, out of this realm of blockchain innovation.

Many millionaires and billionaires - perhaps even trillionaires - will emerge.

Though - coming back to the concept of "the greatest wealth transfer of all time" - this will not just be a fresh round of executives or elites comparable to the 5% of humanity currently holding the majority of the global wealth. It's a new breed.

This class aren't merely traders addictively getting into crypto for quick pump-and-dump profits - they're a fresh generation of leaders, working on solutions to the world's largest challenges. These aren't the ambitiously-driven in the power & paper chase, but a wiser, mature tribe of intelligent creatives seeking to build new societal structures completely unlike the profit-obsessed, destructive, oppressive old.

The transfer shall occur from the aging sociopaths threatening mankind's well-being, to the misfit youth that never fit into "the system" and bought into the corporate B.S., but whom always felt it part of their mission to right the wrongs of the world through a sweeping movement putting the power back into the hands of the people.

And though some might criticize, suggesting the wealth is just going to move from one 5% group to another 5% who happened to be early adopters, that's not quite the case. Yes, there may always be a majority who've created massively more amounts of value than others, thus reaping their proportionate compensation. However, the power and influence of this new class of emerging leaders shall be directed much differently with a contrasting set of values and priorities than the previous...

The convergence of factors..., it was mentioned earlier, and we branch back to...

Along with the technological shifts in cryptocurrency and blockchain facilitating the wealth transfer, there are a multitude of other developments with AI and robotics that is soon to bring drastic revisions to our society's employment models, as increasing numbers of jobs are delegrated to automated machinery. It's no surprise futurists and experts predict millions of jobs disappearing in the years to come - this is the direction we're headed.

And while those viewing through scaricity paradigms fear such prospect, thinking the rich will just get richer while the number of poor increases without their jobs, much different possibilities are being worked on - specially the "universal basic income" model.

In short, UBI proposes a standardized financial distribution to all citizens of a nation - thus relieving the need to work for fiat currency to cover their basic needs.

In the old system, such a proposal would be unviable without further compounding of public debt.

In the emerging system of cryptocurrency and value-producing AI, such may be an inevitable outcome.

Even Bill Gates has spoken on such possibilities of taxing the value output of robot-executed work to fund a sort of basic living wage - the idea, then, that populations free from the financial pressures of paying basic bills would have the time freedom to pursue creative projects and endeavors of their choice, thus increasing their value contribution to society.

So yes, the early adopters of cryptocurrency and first round of blockchain pioneers may become the new financial elite, reaping the exponential multiplication of their investments in knowledge, skills, and capital. Though, the majority population at large, too, stand to greatly benefit through a redistribution of wealth - not only financial, but means of access to the tools with which they can participate as value creators and collaborators in an efficient global economy free of centralized interference by corrupted 'powers.'

It's all kind of a big deal.

*This video interview with Andreas Antonopolous is not short, but well-worth watching - and may provide excellent supplemental examples to this topic as to clarify the context for this shift - as well as just standing on its own as an excellent resourece:

So, here we are.

Wherever that talk of "greatest wealth transfer in history" came from - I honestly can't remember if it was from professional, scholarly stuff, the far-out new age spiritual-channeling camp, or both - this may be it.

It's sink or swim time. The tsunami is approaching.

There might be some chaos that goes down before we get to the idealized utopia of universal basic income and well-functioning governmental systems living in sustainable harmony. Though, it's nothing to fear with the correct preparation.

Yes, there is opporunity to invest financially and profit.

Though, the even greater opportunity may be to invest in knowledge and skills.

Learning how to surf.

There never were any "secrets" to wealth. Only the simple formula of value x leverage.

The technologies within our reach can provide immeasurable leverage. Though really, we have to show up with the value.

The wealthiest to emerge out of this wealth transfer may not just be the shareholders, but the stakeholders. Those who have immersed themselves in understanding the technology and its implications, serving the communities advancing its development.

It may still be niche now. But this tech will find its way into near all aspects of our lives, just as computers and the internet have. Those who learn it sooner and navigate how to contribute their skills to leveraging the developments for the better of the whole earn themselves significant advantage in adapting to the steady flow of opportunities for innovation blossoming out of these new blockchain ecosystems.

So choose your outcome.

Sink. Or learn to surf.

Cuz it's turning out to be one dreamy monster of a perfect wave...


Usually it takes some time for people to get used of an idea. I believe there is a huge gap of knowledge for the know-how right now. I don't doubt though that it is the future. Simply, it is more efficient than anything else out there.

Our children will wonder how we could ever live without it.

so much to learn, its such a good practical material and soulful perspective... my friend @ausbitbank kept posting on facebook how good steemit is growing and i forgot, the best bit is you're NOT making dirty rothschild gang dollars, your making steem, (which eventually gets you into beautiful bitcoin....) and a whole different class of people are rewarding a whole lot of different qualities we want to see promoted and advanced... its a beautiful thing

Sink. Or learn to surf.

I love it. There is so little knowlage on the side of investors today; there will be a crash at some point. The small fish will sink, the big, secure fish will swim.

I really appreciate the insight and information you have posted with your article. Changes of magnitude are happening nearly every day. Out with the old and in with the new. Look forward, not backward, to enjoy what is coming.
The rise in price of the crypto currencies are announcing to the world, we are entering into a new age. One of self help, and encouragement to others.
Thank you for the brief glimpse of what will surely be.

Great read! Thanks for posting!
I've heard 'The greatest wealth transfer in history' from Greg Mannarino @marketreport, and Mike Maloney, not saying they were/are the originators, but they definitely come to mind. If you haven't heard of them, you should check them out.
Following you now.
Have a nice one!

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We're most certainly on a breakaway course!
Thank you and SteemOn!

Great article. I do wonder what the true dollar value of blockchain technology is. I easily see it changing the way we exchange value, and I see it as a great equalizer in the world.

I'd say you can't really put a concrete dollar value on it, as its indefinitely - all depends on the application...

Always great articles, I feel as an investor we are in a bubble by looking at the insane, yes insane charts, but then i look at that tiny itty bitty marketcap and I think, nahhhh, got a longgggg ways to go! When Crypto hits 10 trillion marketcap things will start to cool off

The alt-coin and ICO hype might be in a bit of a bubble, and it popping would likely be to the benefit of blockchain's acceptance into mainstream by squeezing out much of the junk...

Yeah, the 5 minute sellouts of the ICO's is ridiculous. I usually just wait till they hit the exchange and then immediately drop in price and level off after a couple of days and buy in "a little" just in case it turns into something big. I agree that the junk will get squeezed out eventually. Reddcoin, Bytecoin, Infintecoin, yep still got a long way to go :)

This post is life giving. Great stuff. As you said I too believe there will be a clash of ideals before we see them adopted on a globao scale. I mean there already is a clash but it will be bigger once cryptos gain mainstream attention. But oh well these higher ideals are worth fighting for and even dying for. So we continue to give people value and create a new and better world for the benefit of everyone. I'm ready.

I sense the clash will be not as severe as some might think...

The consensus that change is needed and inevitable is strong. Andreas Antonopolus made a good point that if a government is resistant to crypto, its probably questionable - as in, any viewing as a threat or trying to thwart its growth are probably corrupt and need squeezing out - and they will be.

Meanwhile, advocates like Don & Alex Tapscott are really taking this to the professional institutions and working towards integration at top corporate amd governmental levels.

Also take a look at the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance - the partners are MAJOR players. A collective force like that alone is a sure sign things are moving in the right direction and the resources are being allocated to ensure the minization of major clashes, given the proper education and ethical procedures for implementing this tech as solution-driving to all parties...

Professional at work, following!

Read the article twice as it's really rather good, then noticed the man's into alchemy... well that explains a few things!

robots are coming for your JOBS!

No worries. I don't have or need a job at this point, thanks to blockchain. :-)

damn..I wish I was that smart(no satire...I really do)

Flabergasted by the gift of your crypto-poetry - keep up the great flow brother! ;-)

Thank ya. May you pay forward the inspiration, as I keep it flowing with the fuel of such feedback as this... :-)

High Five ;-)

This is a great post, Thank you for sharing.

If money was like water …. which follows the cycle of falling from the clouds in the sky, fill up the oceans lakes rivers and so, and then the sun evaporating all of that water up into the skies ...... but one big difference; if water was like money, which keeps being created from I don't know where, into the banks, distributed, lending, spending, paying deficit, finished, creating more money, we would be still being hammer by meteorites bringing in more water to earth !! Cross fingers too much wealth (greed) does not wipes us all !!!

upvote and rs for you...

To those who say cryptocurrencies are just a bubble or liken them to the Tulip mania of the 1600s, I say that IMHO this is not a bubble or mania, but rather a new and paradigm-shifting, life-as-we-know-it altering technology with ramifications we cannot yet fully foresee. As such, it will, of course, have volatility and many ups and downs, which is to be expected. I'm waxing my surfboard right now! To those who are more timid, at least dip your toes in the water and put on some floaties!
Thanks for this well-written article

It is the means by which humanity can now upgrade the infrastructure of its political-economic models such that corruption becomes increasingly possible.

Shouldn't this be "increasingly impossible." ????

this seems to be happening for real,
let's ride this monster wave 🌊

Great article. I think this is all true; its just a question of when and who are the winners.

Great read! Upvoted and resteemed.

The problem with your logic is that you are not taking into account that concentrated wealth is by itself corrupting to the human psyche. So your "new elite" of "misfits" will soon become the new "sociopaths". They are not going to share the wealth any more than the last group did. The only way to change this is a 100% inheritance tax so wealth cannot concentrate across generations, recycled into a lifelong UBI for every child born (a birthright), operated by a transparent smart contract, opted in by the bulk of humanity, until the collective wealth of that blockchain overpowers the wealth of the elite.

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