Usually it takes some time for people to get used of an idea. I believe there is a huge gap of knowledge for the know-how right now. I don't doubt though that it is the future. Simply, it is more efficient than anything else out there.

Our children will wonder how we could ever live without it.

so much to learn, its such a good practical material and soulful perspective... my friend @ausbitbank kept posting on facebook how good steemit is growing and i forgot, the best bit is you're NOT making dirty rothschild gang dollars, your making steem, (which eventually gets you into beautiful bitcoin....) and a whole different class of people are rewarding a whole lot of different qualities we want to see promoted and advanced... its a beautiful thing

Sink. Or learn to surf.

I love it. There is so little knowlage on the side of investors today; there will be a crash at some point. The small fish will sink, the big, secure fish will swim.

I really appreciate the insight and information you have posted with your article. Changes of magnitude are happening nearly every day. Out with the old and in with the new. Look forward, not backward, to enjoy what is coming.
The rise in price of the crypto currencies are announcing to the world, we are entering into a new age. One of self help, and encouragement to others.
Thank you for the brief glimpse of what will surely be.

Great read! Thanks for posting!
I've heard 'The greatest wealth transfer in history' from Greg Mannarino @marketreport, and Mike Maloney, not saying they were/are the originators, but they definitely come to mind. If you haven't heard of them, you should check them out.
Following you now.
Have a nice one!

Up voted and rEsteemed!
We're most certainly on a breakaway course!
Thank you and SteemOn!

Great article. I do wonder what the true dollar value of blockchain technology is. I easily see it changing the way we exchange value, and I see it as a great equalizer in the world.

I'd say you can't really put a concrete dollar value on it, as its indefinitely - all depends on the application...

Always great articles, I feel as an investor we are in a bubble by looking at the insane, yes insane charts, but then i look at that tiny itty bitty marketcap and I think, nahhhh, got a longgggg ways to go! When Crypto hits 10 trillion marketcap things will start to cool off

The alt-coin and ICO hype might be in a bit of a bubble, and it popping would likely be to the benefit of blockchain's acceptance into mainstream by squeezing out much of the junk...

Yeah, the 5 minute sellouts of the ICO's is ridiculous. I usually just wait till they hit the exchange and then immediately drop in price and level off after a couple of days and buy in "a little" just in case it turns into something big. I agree that the junk will get squeezed out eventually. Reddcoin, Bytecoin, Infintecoin, yep still got a long way to go :)

This post is life giving. Great stuff. As you said I too believe there will be a clash of ideals before we see them adopted on a globao scale. I mean there already is a clash but it will be bigger once cryptos gain mainstream attention. But oh well these higher ideals are worth fighting for and even dying for. So we continue to give people value and create a new and better world for the benefit of everyone. I'm ready.

I sense the clash will be not as severe as some might think...

The consensus that change is needed and inevitable is strong. Andreas Antonopolus made a good point that if a government is resistant to crypto, its probably questionable - as in, any viewing as a threat or trying to thwart its growth are probably corrupt and need squeezing out - and they will be.

Meanwhile, advocates like Don & Alex Tapscott are really taking this to the professional institutions and working towards integration at top corporate amd governmental levels.

Also take a look at the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance - the partners are MAJOR players. A collective force like that alone is a sure sign things are moving in the right direction and the resources are being allocated to ensure the minization of major clashes, given the proper education and ethical procedures for implementing this tech as solution-driving to all parties...

Professional at work, following!

Read the article twice as it's really rather good, then noticed the man's into alchemy... well that explains a few things!

robots are coming for your JOBS!

No worries. I don't have or need a job at this point, thanks to blockchain. :-)

damn..I wish I was that smart(no satire...I really do)

Flabergasted by the gift of your crypto-poetry - keep up the great flow brother! ;-)

Thank ya. May you pay forward the inspiration, as I keep it flowing with the fuel of such feedback as this... :-)

High Five ;-)

This is a great post, Thank you for sharing.

If money was like water …. which follows the cycle of falling from the clouds in the sky, fill up the oceans lakes rivers and so, and then the sun evaporating all of that water up into the skies ...... but one big difference; if water was like money, which keeps being created from I don't know where, into the banks, distributed, lending, spending, paying deficit, finished, creating more money, we would be still being hammer by meteorites bringing in more water to earth !! Cross fingers too much wealth (greed) does not wipes us all !!!

upvote and rs for you...

To those who say cryptocurrencies are just a bubble or liken them to the Tulip mania of the 1600s, I say that IMHO this is not a bubble or mania, but rather a new and paradigm-shifting, life-as-we-know-it altering technology with ramifications we cannot yet fully foresee. As such, it will, of course, have volatility and many ups and downs, which is to be expected. I'm waxing my surfboard right now! To those who are more timid, at least dip your toes in the water and put on some floaties!
Thanks for this well-written article

It is the means by which humanity can now upgrade the infrastructure of its political-economic models such that corruption becomes increasingly possible.

Shouldn't this be "increasingly impossible." ????

this seems to be happening for real,
let's ride this monster wave 🌊

Great article. I think this is all true; its just a question of when and who are the winners.

Great read! Upvoted and resteemed.

The problem with your logic is that you are not taking into account that concentrated wealth is by itself corrupting to the human psyche. So your "new elite" of "misfits" will soon become the new "sociopaths". They are not going to share the wealth any more than the last group did. The only way to change this is a 100% inheritance tax so wealth cannot concentrate across generations, recycled into a lifelong UBI for every child born (a birthright), operated by a transparent smart contract, opted in by the bulk of humanity, until the collective wealth of that blockchain overpowers the wealth of the elite.

Hello, I found your post very informative and referenced in my recent blog, While I am not asking for a follow or an upvote, I am hoping to start a conversation in the community and I would greatly appreciate it if you would take a look. Thank you for your great content.

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