Hey @rok-sivante!

Awww, you're actually the second person this week I came across who was expressing that roller coaster emotions caused by the crypto market.
I think you've got the right idea. Check up on it but stick to your guns. You know you made smart investments if it's growing *2 and *3. *10 in one month is just pure gambling.

Would you go to a casino and gamble your money? Or are you an investor?

No matter how much you think about the hype and pump-and-dump, you'll always be playing the odds. Some boats you will not be able to get on, unless you really want to stay at the computer, and keep refreshing that page, with all the charts open on 5 different computer screens.

And then your life will revolve around these markets.

I don't think that's what you want! You just want that nice condo in vancou, and you're gonna get it! And if you don't get that one, trust the Universe you will get an even better one!

As long as you are winning more than you're losing you are doing good in this game !

Anyway, just wanted to say I love you!

Here's another guy's video about the exact same thing you discussed in terms of the mood-swing raw emotionality of the markets! Maybe you will find solace in his calm, soothing words! Link here

Haha! Best of luck for all future investments though! You deserve it xx <3


A way to overcome the psychological aspects is to put in a fixed dollar amount periodically over a period of time so you don't have to worry about the timing.

yeah people need to zoom out and give their investments a macro-view

This is what my brother and I do. It really helps to calm nerves about it

Nice choice of words.
Been inspired by some of your posts since I started following .
This one really went well..
It's worth my focus indeed..
Thanks really..

I've only been investing for six months but recognize everything you're talking about. Thanks for articulating feelings that all traders eventually encounter. Forget "shoulda" and forge ahead.

Helo @rok-sivante.

I can not help but laugh after seeing the cat at the bottom of this post. Hahahaha 😂😂😂

People need more realistic expectations.

The few dollars in SBD that I've earned is the extent of my crypto holdings :( But on the bright side, it can only get better from here, right? ;)

Nice article. Good assessment of the dynamics of trading.

Cool cat, too.

You are so wright about this. Crypto has taken over my life in many ways. It's time to chill and reflect on what I have achieved in such short time.



The best piece I read about this is that obsessing over something that isn't your core competency (like newly-minted crypto traders do) is a waste of your life's effort. Being addicted to the prices, portfolio value, if you missed a mooning coin...all a waste of potential unless you ARE a full-time trader.

My 2c - been guilty of it myself.

~ Kevin

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Reading this out made me realise that it's a game of luck too, i have been multiplying the small investments by huge no's too, and i am waiting when i will definitely have the token which makes it possible for me in the longer run. Short term Trading cant multiply small investments by huge no's, so i am highly hopeful of investing in such a coin which gives a million coins and till then it's only a small investment.

Excellent and fantastic post friend, support with contribution by comment

If I choose to HODL, I wont be looking at the price chart. If I actively studying about new coins, and I shall act accordingly to my findings.

And I should keep tellin myself that I should have no regrets.

If I choose to HODL, I wont be looking at the price chart

Quite a viable solution right there. A strategy somewhat tricky to follow at times, however. Lol.

Or increase the difficulty to access your cold wallet. Like use a paper wallet and store them separately on different location within a safe which with a really complex passcode to type in. LOL

would also need to ditch Blockfolio / Coin Stats. lol.

Noone can get more than the destiny!
Going by your post and taking the leaf out of it is the best👍

Psychological post is always pleased mine.
thanks for your post

Sungguh info yang bagus, dan jujur saya masih khawatir dengan tranding

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Think positive, at least you have Steem Power and Steem will rise very soon, you'll buy that apartment in no time bro :D

We're all good indeed.

No matter what bro... got ya back!!

Facebook is there for us to talk shit all day err dayyy

That lion pic would make a cool logo for an alt-coin 😎

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@rok-sivante I'm very much on the same page with you here. It's something I've been working through over the past month. I fell into the exact same trap: Buy this coin! Now this coin! And this coin! Don't forget about this coin though!

I'm typically quite centered emotionally, but I was definitely beginning to feel out of control. I literally just did not have the mental capacity to keep up with it all, and because of that, I kept feeling like I was behind.

But then I asked myself, "is it abundant to live in a mindset of I'm always behind?"

The answer to that question was a solid "NO" and I started to reconfigure how I operated with my investments. Now, I do a lot of HODLing. I might have a few coins I play around with, but for the most point, I hold the coins I feel solid about for the long haul.

If I want to expand more, then I have the mental and emotional capacity to handle it. And knowing that there will be an abundance of opportunity now and in the future, I'm not worried about where this will take me.

Besides, there's plenty of lambos for everyone ;-)

Thanks for sharing this @rok-sivante, really appreciate your words here.

PS: I write all about empowered psychology and would love to hear your thoughts on my recent post: Psychology Of The Future: The Power Of Going Meta

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