Announces SLP Support, Venezuela to Stockpile Bitcoin and Ethereum & more news

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Man, Economy, and State

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►The SLP Virtual Hackathon has concluded, and the winners have been announced
First place was awarded to “Project Ignite,” the team behind a loyalty points system using non-tradeable SLP tokens. Other projects included an SLP paper wallet generator, a full client-side SLP management suite, a SPICE Button, a bar crowdsourcing tool, and even “Crypto Pandas,” a collecting and breeding game similar to Crypto Kitties on Ethereum.


► announces the upcoming support for SLP token trading
An early promise of the exchange was to support SLP token listings eventually
That support has been built, and will be listing various SLP tokens soon!


►BITMAIN To Launch World Digital Mining Map
Bitmain has recently announced plans to launch the “World Digital Mining Map,” the first platform to connect mining hardware owners with mining farm owners.
The map is set to be unveiled at the upcoming World Digital Mining Summit, taking place in Frankfurt, Germany October 8-10th.


► Launches on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain
Developed by Bitcoin Cash superstar Gabriel Cardona, Oracles.Cash is a personal project created at the recent Wyohackathon event in Wyoming. Oracles on BCH can be used to write smart contracts tied to things like “the prices on the New York Stock Exchange, weather updates, game scores, or if something reaches a predetermined threshold.”


►Venezuela's Central Bank allegedly plans to stockpile cryptocurrency
Sources have revealed that Venezuela’s central bank is planning to accumulate a stash of BTC and ETH. A law has already been passed, “allowing” the government to collect taxes in crypto.


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