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As a game developer, how would you feel having a platform that makes it possible for you to bring your idea to reality in a timely and cost effective manner?
Also, as a gamer, how would you feel if you were able to switch your gaming assets between several games you love or be able to exchange them for real world value?

All these and much more are what XAYA has come to make possible.



XAYA is blockchain platform that serves both as a game development and deployment platform and as a market place where gamers can convert assets acquired in a game into real world value.

XAYA offers game developers all the necessary tools that they would need to build and launch their ideas in a very cost effective and timely manner, while also offering gamers the opportunity to earn reward from doing something that they love by providing a virtual market place where they can convert asset that they have acquired in a game into real world value.

The game developer is given the opportunity to bring his ideas to life and earn while the gamers are also given the opportunity to earn reward from assets that they have acquired while playing a game. This is a win-win situation for both the game developers and the gamers and it can only be made possible by XAYA



Bringing an innovative game idea to reality is really a challenge to many small game development teams. The cost and time associated with such task are discouraging such small development teams from working on their ideas. Most small development teams are not financially equipped to bear the cost of setting up servers and every other cost that they are required to bear before they can work on their ideas. This difficulty of entry caused by high cost is preventing some wonderful game project from coming into the market.


Gamers are not given real ownership of assets purchased or acquired while playing a game. They are only given right to use such items in the game. If a gamer can be required to spend his hard earned money before he/she can access certain tools in a game, he/she should also be given the right to own such tool and also market it whenever he/she pleases. The current gaming industry doesn’t give the gamers such opportunity.
Server down time is also another problem being faced by gamers. Imagine paying to access a game for a limited amount of time and not being able to access such games because of server down time. Such a situation can be really very frustrating.

All these limitations are what XAYA has come to address.


XAYA solution to addressing the problems faced by game developers and gamers is in two phase. The first phase is addressing the developer’s problems and the next second phase is addressing the gamers problems.


XAYA offers games developers a quick, efficient and highly cost effective way to bring their ideas to reality. XAYA gives the game developer a platform with pre-installed development and deployment templates or scripts that would make his/her work easy to materialize. With XAYA, the game developer doesn’t need to worry about setup cost associated with servers or other cloud based services. XAYA gives the developer the opportunity and time to work on actualizing his/her dream.

Developers don’t need to worry about deployment cost or maintenance cost. XAYA makes it possible for a developer to launch his/her project into the market easily to available users already on the platform and earn from their work.

Below are some of the wonderful benefits that XAYA will be offering to the developers:

  • Developers will have access to available users already on the platform.
  • Developers can be able to test run their projects and make necessary corrections before launch.
  • Developers will have access to a wide range of exportable game engine templates.
  • It offers developers the opportunity to create blockchain games without bothering on creating blockchain codes.
  • Developers can create their own tokens that can be used to purchase items within their games and can also be exchanged for other tokens.
  • Developers will have access to easy payment options and management of their project.
  • Games created on the XAYA platform will be very compatible with a wide range of game’s engines. Etc.


XAYA provides a virtual market where gamers can exchange any asset acquired in a game for real life value. XAYA makes it possible for the gamers to have complete ownership of any item that they acquired in a game. Such items are stored in a separate ledger on the blockchain and can be assessed anytime by the gamers. Gamers get rewarded for doing what they love. Any asset they acquire or purchased during the course of the game is theirs and they can use it as they please.

XAYA also doesn’t require a server in its operation. This implies that problems associated with server down time have been eliminated permanently. Gamers can have access to any game of their choice whenever they want with no restriction.

Below are some other benefits that XAYA will be offering to the gamers:

  • 24/7 access to any game of their choice.
  • Ownership of any asset that they acquire in a game.
  • Ability to exchange such asset for real life value.
  • Access to easy game application launcher.
  • They can network easily with other gamers and engage in multiplayer games with ease.
  • Fairness and equity.
  • Possession of wallet accounts. Etc.


XAYA team is not new to the gaming industry. It put up a pet project in 2013 to test the waters of the blockchain gaming world with a project known as Huntercoin and it was a huge success. Huntercoin was a server-less multiplayer blockchain game with over 35000 characters interacting simultaneously in the game. It had its own token and was very autonomous. The huntercoin project was very successful and had a market cap of over $10 million USD

This breakthrough and huge success of the XAYA team with Huntercoin makes the team very prepared to bring the XAYA project to life because they already has a firsthand experience in the industry.


CHI is the currency that will be used to power the XAYA platform. Game developers and gamers will need to possess this currency in order to gain access to the platform. Assets acquired in a game can be traded for this currency in the XAYA virtual asset market. Also, other game's currencies created by the game developer can also be converted to Chi easily. This will create a high demand for Chi and help improve its economic value.


XAYA utilizes the proof-of-work (POW) to secure its blockchain. Every player’s account and every asset that they have acquired are stored on the blockchain. Some unique features of XAYA’s technology is given below:

  • Atomic transactions :

This technology was used by XAYA team in their first project that was a huge success. The technology has been improved upon and made easier in XAYA. This technology makes it possible for game items, game currencies and whole game accounts to be traded for Chi - the XAYA currency.

  • Game channels :

The game channel technology makes it possible for games to be played in real time on the blockchain. With this technology, multiple players can access a game in real time and the XAYA platform can be scaled to meet its global target size.

  • Ephemeral timestamps:

This technology makes it possible for disputes to be resolved amicably in a game channels without the honest participants suffering any loss. It utilizes time-stamping properties of a blockchain, merkle-ize hash commitments, amortized mining incentives and fraud proofs to ensure that transaction disputes are resolved amicably and the honest participant is not incurring any losses.



XAYA will make it possible for all of its users to own a game account and also make all in-game items tradable. This will ensure that ownership of items is securely tracked on the blockchain in a decentralized manner and also make it possible for such items to be traded for Chi or switched with other items of similar value. This is done by transferring both the sold item and the corresponding value in Chi between the two participants of a trade in a single atomic transaction.

This transaction will need to be endorsed by both parties entering the transaction before it can be implemented. This is done to prevent a situation where payment will be made and the item will not be transferred or vice versa.

Also, games on the XAYA platform will be based on the concept of a global "game state" that was pioneered by Huntercoin. What this means is that, since several games will be running on the XAYA blockchain, a XAYA participant will only need to process and store states for games that he/she is interested in. Gamers are given the opportunity to update their global game states through transactions made on the XAYA blockchain or through off-chain game channels.

The XAYA time-stamping technology ensures that gamers in each game reach a consensus on shared game state in a decentralized and provably fair manner. Ownership of items can also be represented in a game state. This makes it possible for in -game currency or items trading to be done in the internal market place with ease by simply following the rules set by the developer.

XAYA implementation of game channels technology makes it possible for the scalability issues of blockchain gaming. Game channels record moves on a private side-chain and makes it difficult for moves to forged or changed backwards in time. The agreement on outcome of a game by two players is always implemented and should a dispute occurred, it will get resolve amicably because of the technology that XAYA has put in place.


Below are the typesthe types of games that can be built or accessed on XAYA:

  • Collectible card games.
  • Real-time strategy games (RTS)/multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA). E.g leagues of legends, Dota, Heroes of storm, etc.
  • Turn-based games. E.g. UFO Enemy Unknown, etc.

So many other games of both the single player and multiplayer versions can be built on the XAYA platform with ease.


XAYA has gone into strategic partnerships with treat fighters and soccer manager. This will enable its quick adoption by the large user base of these games. This will also enable players of these popular games to earn rewards from the assets that they have acquired in the game.

Imagine a soccer manager gamer owning his team, his stadium and other accessories that he's earned in the game and can put them on sale to either acquire other assets or convert them to real world value. This will really make his time playing such game a productive one and more people would want to engage in such fun activities.

XAYA platform is already a reality and many users - both developers and gamers are already queuing up to take advantage of this rare opportunity.


XAYA main sale is already live. The token sale had started since September 7th and will run for 5 weeks. Users can purchase tokens and also register for an account that will enable them to earn tokens by doing some basic tasks.




Jason and two of his friends are game developers. They have been working on an innovative video gaming idea for some months now and have perfected the codes and schematic of the gaming idea. They decided to estimate the cost and time that setting up and deploying such idea would require and it was mind blowing. Frustratingly, they decided to put the idea on hold.

Jason was doing some google search about a fast and cost effective way for a small team of developers to develop and deploy their gaming idea when he saw a suggestion someone made about a gaming development and deployment platform called XAYA. He researched more about XAYA and discovered that they can easily bring their ideas to life without breaking the bank. With excitement, he quickly put calls across to his friends and tell them to get to work immediately.

Jason and his two friends have been given the opportunity to bring their idea to reality because of XAYA.


Daniel is a soccer manager professional gamer. He has won several titles with his team, bought his own stadium and won several assets in the game that he couldn't exchange for any real world value. He loves playing the game and sometimes engage his friends in a multiplayer mode.

He was enjoying his game one day when one of his friends paid him a visit. "Guy are you still playing this?" His friend asked looking surprised. "What do you mean?"responded Daniel. "There's a platform called XAYA, that gives you ownership of every asset you acquired while playing this game. You can even sell such asset to get things of real value in this world". Replied Daniel's friend. "Really! O boy let's go and check it out!" Responded Daniel.

Daniel and all his friends are now owners of assets in soccer manager all because of XAYA.


XAYA gives game developers the opportunity to bring their ideas to life and guarantee them earnings for their labour, while at the same time giving the gamers the opportunity to own virtual assets and be able to trade such virtual assets for real world value. This project will truly revolutionize the gaming industry and make the industry more lucrative.

For more information or resources visit any of the links below:

XAYA website

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xayatwitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/OtegaEboh/status/1045215481182003201?p=v


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