TrackR ICO Update (ICO halftime)

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Hey cryptonians,

Trackr (TKR, looked like a really promising crypto analyst platform to me. A relatively small team is developing a mobile and desktop app, which according to their whitepaper will include features such as import of trade history data from exchanges, as well as directly from your public keys/addresses across different cryptos. Which sounds like a good break from entering your trades into an app manually. As far as I know this does not exist yet, and they have an alpha of their app.

Unfortunately, their ICO is not going well in my opinion.

Nearly halfway through their 4 week ICO, they have sold less than 1 million tokens (out of 58 million!).
And if in the second half of their ICO Trackr does not manage to increase interest in their crowdsale, I fear they might not be able to raise enough funds to beat any competitors in that crypto niche!

Comments are always welcome!
Until next time.

Disclaimer: I hold a small amount of Trackr tokens, not enough to profit meaningfully from spreading FOMO/FUD.


Any ideas why that is?

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