INT Chain And Ruff.. The Truth.

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INTChain and what we know so far...

As a huge INT holder myself, I feel it’s important that other investors know the whole truth about INT, I appreciate this may end up in me losing my full investment but feel that it’s right to share this information and let others decide what to make of it.

A small group of early investors (approx 10 of us), have been digging deep recently and have found out some information that is extremely worrying, it all started when we got a big red flag. I’ll break this down into sections so that it is easier to digest:

Jennifer Lee is outed as “INT”

One of our early investors found out that the main admin “INT” who at the time was our only communication with the team was in fact someone called “Jennifer Lee”, or at least that’s what she called herself.

We started becoming suspicious of Jennifer when she posted this:

Further digging showed that Jennifer had been asking for, and taking payments of INT from community members on Reddit for pictures of the conference that INT held at the end of January, see that she had been bragging that she had “six figures” of INT before anyone knew she was really INT admin and was asking for payment for pictures of the INT conference below:

Luckily this helped us trace her wallet, you can see the INT being sent to her, remember, no one at this point knew that Jen Lee was “INT” Admin. Here’s a link:

Jen Lee Wallet:

After viewing her wallet it became apparent that Jen Lee (remember this is INT in the telegram, the only direct contact with have with the main team in China) had been dumping all of her INT, you can see pretty massive amounts being paid in and then dumped almost immediately. This doesn’t show very much faith in a business that she works for does it? Our only POC selling all her INT.

The damage here was low as only a few of us in the community knew about this, like I said earlier, only 10 of us have access to this information. Here’s a message Jen Lee sent us after being found out:

So OK, that's only one team member but you know, maybe it’s just one person that made a mistake? Have a look at the other wallets and decide for yourself.

The other wallets

From INT/Jen Lees wallet, it was easy to find what I call the INT central wallet, it holds a reasonably small amount of INT and it’s purpose seems to be that of paying staff/people who work for INT.

Here’s the wallet:

INT Central Wallet

You only need to look through recent transactions to see a worrying pattern, wallets being sent INT in small-medium quantities and that INT being moved within 24 hours, how many of these transactions are being moved to exchanges and dumped is yet to be seen, however, the pattern itself is worrying.

Please take note that many of these wallets hold both Ruff and INT as we will be talking about Ruff in the next “chapter”.

INT Founding Wallet and the true circulating supply

Look at the founding wallet, proof that the circulating supply is over the announced 250m, way over in fact, if you want to go into semantics you could say that the true circulating supply is 1 Biilion, as none of the tokens are locked, absolutely nothing is stopping the owners of any of these wallets from dumping everything, if they were so inclined.

Other partnerships, where have they gone?

The original list of partnerships included Microsoft and IBM. There were 8 listed on the website. See the space where Microsoft used to be?

Hmm. Removed without explanation.

We also had the IBM Director of Blockchain complaining on Reddit that he had never heard of INT.

See Reddit link below:

I_LOVE_GOLANG is the proven director of IBM Blockchain and openly states he’s never heard of INT. After questioning this, we received the following statement, literally this morning from INT admin in telegram:

Make of it what you will, but seems strange to me.

Early investors, English Speaking Admins all banned from Telegram

Yesterday, after discussing this information with the INT Chinese Admin, Jack, who supposedly sits in the office with the team, we were all banned from the telegram chat, all we asked for is answers. Two of our actual English speaking Admins of the telegram were banned without notice then myself and several other people who are aware of the above information. Here’s a conversation between Rob, our english speaking admin and Jack. Does anything about this seem suspicious to you?

Why must he know the scale if nothing is suspicious?

Our fears were further compounded when we asked for simple answers to our questions from “INT”. We had no answers, we were given generic replies and then threatened to be sued, all we wanted was peace of mind.

Check this out:

This is just the information we have found so far. Myself and others digging in our spare time but this could just be the tip of the iceberg, we have speculated on other things like the registered address too and will be compiling a report on that later but for now I’ve tried to stay as factual as possible.

So what does this mean for INT and what questions need to be asked? Well, the circulating supply is way over the 250m which we have proven, which means that we have been lied to by the team. The partnerships are dropping one by one as soon as there is any scrutiny or digging and we have proof that one of the team members dumped their INT. Not great so far.

Digging deeper into the wallets, you can find connections with INT and Ruff and also other people seemingly dumping their INT after being paid by the INT central wallet but there’s not enough proof yet that this is all going to the exchanges, some tokens are being moved to exchanges, some to empty wallets (which seems strange also).

The INT team seem unable to answer even simple questions or even provide basic answers beyond the generic and the banning of all the people linked to this in the telegram is extremely worrying, this isn’t FUD, it’s real questions that need real answers, the banning of 2 of our English speaking admins is despicable, as all they have done is support the coin and the community since the beginning. We look at replies from the Chinese team to our questions and they’re asking “the scale” of this and later threatening to sue, does that seem like legitimate behaviour to you?

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  1.         Our cooperation with our partner is still in progress. In order to be prudent, we remove it from our website for confidentiality. This is responsible for the partners and investors. We'll let you know when there's information available for public.
  2.         The wallets you provided are not our central wallets. And the circulating supply isn’t over the 250million. You can search on etherscan and we will make a financial statement after the first quarter 2018.
  3.         We have studied the blockchain code of IBM and found that it is not suitable for IoT Scenarios. Therefore, we don’t make cooperation with IBM blockchain department. However, IBM is a leading international enterprise in numerous fields, such as secure infrastructure and Internet of cars. We are interested in them. Due to confidentiality, we are not able to disclose more at present.
  4.         We banned those investors for reasons. Some of them violated group regulation, making a small group and spread FUDs. As the market is down, some investors kept threatening our team by these FUDs and asked our team to make compensation for their loss, which is unreasonable and immoral.
  5.         Jennifer Lee is a former employee of INT. What she done is her personal behavior. And she has resigned from INT. After the investigation, we found that what she has done didn’t harm the interests of our team. 
  6.         Ruff is one of our partner, like other partners of us in IoT industries. And now, RUFF has released its own project, RUFFChain, whose research field is different from INT to a certain extent. With the development of INT, we will continuously strengthen the construction of cooperative ecology and make the alliance stronger and stronger.

Warning: Above problems has been a distortion of facts and malicious attacks on us, causing very bad influence. We already have evidence of relevant persons and reserve the right of litigation toward these illegal and immoral behavior for the time being.

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