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WISE is made up of immutable smart contracts that are audited for errors and loopholes. Investors may have peace of mind, knowing the contract will do what it says, and cannot be changed. Additionally, all transactions including staking are performed from the safety of your own private wallet.

WISE is a non profit project. It sends 90% or more of the launch money to Uniswap, forming a giant liquidity pool for trading. All this is done by the contract, without ever having middlemen or central controlling parties. Upon launch, even the WISE founders are on a level playing field with all investors.

WISE has all the benefits of the ERC20 ecosystem, including massive scalability. Since investors pay their own weight in gas fees every time they interact with the contract, WISE has virtually unlimited growth potential while only costing a few cents every transaction.

Use the referral link above to gain a 10% ETH bonus when reserving WISE, along with 10% extra staking power. Being a promoter for referrals generates a small bonus for referring 1 ETH, and larger commissions for 50 ETH or more referred.

All promoters that refer 50 or more ETH during launch will receive a 10% commission paid out in WISE tokens. Referrals are direct, without any multi-level aspects. Commissions are available immediately after launch to be staked or instantly swapped for ETH on Uniswap.

After launch, promoters may continue to advertise in order to gain residual income each time WISE is staked using their referral link. This income rewards promoters similar to the way stakers earn interest, and the interest generation stops for both parties once the stake ends.WISE is redefining DeFi by doing crypto the right way: Zero team tokens, 90% or more of presale money goes to Uniswap liquidity, Contract BURNS Uniswap LP tokens, No Admin keys.

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