TRON TRX CEO Justin Sun sold 6 billion TRX scam exit?

in #crypto3 years ago (edited)

 Hello,i checked Justin Sun's Wallets and was scared!The creator Wallet of the TronToken Contract send (for some tests?) a transaction to I think this is a side Wallet of Justin Sun.After Tron appears in the Top 20 Justin Sun starts selling every day million of TRON at and in 200.000.000 steps.Since 19 days he sold TRON for ETH and send the ETH directly to some ETH to USD exchanger like Gemini. Its around $300.000.000.I saw his Tweet that his company "locked" TRX coins: im confused. Its a normal Wallet. He can access this Wallet every second when he want and can withdrawal this to a exchange to sell it for ETH and cashout to money. Also he said: "we locked up all #TRX we have until 2020 … because we have confidence in #TRON" but he sold his 6 billion TRON?Why he dont create a Contract who allow withdrawal only after the year 2020?Why he sold already sold his TRON for 300 MILLION DOLLAR? Did he dont believe? Because its shitcoin?Why Justin Sun post all the time statistics about Market Cap, Coin Rank, Volume and some wired Price Prediction?Why is there no Source Code at Github or other from TRON? Is there no product?Build your own opinion but i think in few days when he sold all his private Trons for half a billion dollar then he start to sell the "locked" TRON.EDIT:The Adress (0x60dfe511ef939e25843471e34e856e5b2e07c92a) that starts selling since 19 days had TRON Tokens on the TokenContract. This are the tokens that was left from the ICO and Company. He sold already 5.700.000.000 and have 400k left. You can check this at: Enter 0x60dfe511ef939e25843471e34e856e5b2e07c92a at 4. balanceOf.As you see in the contract its REALY WEIRD:uint256 constant valueFounder = 100000000000000000; //this are because 6 decimals the initialize function: function TronToken(address _addressFounder) { owner = msg.sender; totalSupply = valueFounder; balanceOf[_addressFounder] = valueFounder; Transfer(0x0, _addressFounder, valueFounder); }EDIT:There are much people say "this is not justin its a private investor". a Bidding on Cryptokittties. Now we check this Address on cryptokitties.co what we see? The name of this Account is justinpets here are Screen: Contract Creator send to this Wallet ETH.Its about 10% (half a billion dollar) and this should be a private investor?Cryptokitties name is Justinpets why should a private investor call his name so? perhaps his twin brother?This proofs that its the Private Wallet of Justin Sun!(credits to u/yannickmama x-post top of ethtrader)


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