I've never shilled coins before, so let me make an honest assessment of my portfolio (critique welcome!)

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 So, I'm gonna be blunt and upfront rather than subtle, and let you know how my portfolio has done, for better or worse (without getting into amounts of course) and the rationale behind my choices, welcome criticism and input. Also I haven't taken a close enough look at some of these recently, or ever, as I also get caught up in hype. Some of these coins have REAL USES NOW and I haven't really gotten into that level of it either, just been trading and holding. Some coins are already in use through apps, others have systems where you stake the coins or can easily run a node.What did I miss? What do you think is just hype/pump? Am I wrong on your favorite coin? I welcome counter-shilling! Please tell me any real use / easy to set a node / easy to stake coins I missed, I find this interesting!Biggest long holds for me have been what I consider the** "network/ecosystem"** type coins, such as Ethereum. There are many other coins trying to fill this role of "operating system" of the new decentralized environment that we are building. I think THESE are the real way crypto will change the world. Truly decentralized internet systems where YOU own the keys.

  • Ethereum - yup, told people about it a year ago but didn't buy it til 0.15 btc! sold all when it started tanking and btc was running in the fall (everything tanked) but bought back fairly low at .05 and it's been doing well
  • Lisk - trying to make the idea of ethereum easier, using java to make programs
  • Ardor - built from the people on nxt, all nxt apps will run on new Jalurida, the first child chain of Ardor
  • NXT - one of the oldest network chains, still has development plans I've been told, a contract with an Australian company. Personally sold most after the airdrop for Jalurida, and holding Ardor
  • Neo - the chinese ethereum? that's what I heard! been good for me. More info?
  • ADA Cardano The japanese Ethereum? A promising looking project that I honestly don't fully understand
  • Enigma - from some MIT guys, for running complex encrypted code safely using everyone's computing power, seems companies would want a more secure but anonymous / secretive blockchain
  • Lumen - same kinda thing, stellar platform, honestly haven't dived deep into details, saw it low months ago and it seemed like a promising project
  • ETP / metaverse Decentralied Platform, chinese I think, as far as I know hasn't proven too much, but has a promising looking team
  • BLOCK Block net is a similar undertaking, but bringing peer to peer communication between blockchains, a big step forward in the ecosystem, is that we'll need DAPPS that function independently, as well as others that will require communication between.
  • XEM New Economy Movement Honestly didn't look that closely, saw that it's making a whole ecosystem, for decentralized applications, and appealing to the technical companies with more know-how than me

Any more crypto like this that I'm missing? Let me know. These are the most important in my opinion, and this last month check any of those coins to understand (hell the whole year) that people are catching on and valuing these high for a reason. They survive the BTC dips the best, they have the most actual real world utility through the multitude of applications that will stem from it, many are getting promising contracts and deals with major companies, and ultimately THIS is the purpose of crypto in my opinion, to try to decentralize EVERYTHINGAnother big hold for me is the ones trying to do a different kind of blockchain, to improve the entire concept with something new. Bigger risk, bigger reward.

  • Iota Some kind of weave ?? I hear FUD for and against, I'm just holding some long
  • EOS same thing, I hear it's a scam, I hear it's the ethereum killer, it has a year long ICO and nothing to show as proof, or it's going to blow the pants off everything
  • HYBRID this was one of my first ICOs waaaaay back like seriously 13 years ago in the summer of 2017, and they want to create a hybrid chain that allows for instant transfer of data between all the major network chains, NXT, BTC, ETHER, etc, and allow for nearly instant, nearly free, lightning network transactions between all these chains. The ICO was like 6 months ago, I heard it's trading somewhere? But I didn't think the coins were actually issued, so maybe it's only futures being traded. Regardless, long hold.

Any more that are trying to backend the whole blockchain system, and seem like they are really capable?Some of my holds are really just coins trying to be money. But they're trying to improve upon BTC in one way or another. Anonymous, fast, secure, safe, there's LOTS of ways BTC needs to improve (I'll keep holding BTC too for now, but if it doesn't innovate soon, who knows....) Some of these have apps already, some are planning big things.

  • OMG A company Omnise, already established, I'm sure they have lots in store
  • DASH the original Dark Coin, anonymous, had it years ago and sold everything and got out of crypto until recently, regret not keeping
  • LTC lite coin, just like it sounds, oldest fork of btc and improves things, just got a little, not sure it can keep up with other competition
  • ZEC Zcash, honestly just bought because it's on Bitfinex, someone sell me on it as a currency coin?
  • XMR Monero wish I knew about this one earlier, privacy centered coin, huge rallies, doing great, good development team
  • AEON recently acquired, mobile friendly digital cash, app is out, privacy focused, easy mining
  • EIDO has an app, wants to be the easiest currency for people to use on phones
  • METAL has an app, wants to be the easiest currency for people to use on phones
  • *BitSwift * A long established payment coin, moving to the ARDOR blockchain I believe
  • Vert Vertcoin is an old established fast payment coin, had a lot of hype the other month about the mining being better?
  • feather coin another fairly old establish payment coin, fixes problems of BTC, don't see it really being "the one" though.
  • *REDD coin * bought a little because it was hyped by mcafee, can turn on a firefox extension and tip people on social media, is it true the kids are using it?
  • TENX and
  • Monaco are both great looking. They have deals with credit card companies, they're issuing cards real soon that will be able to hold BTC or their native currency (and I'm pretty sure more) and use them on network (on has visa agreement the other mastercard I think) and use their network to make the payment instant and cheap, you can use BTC and vendor can accept local currency. Will be BIG when someone gets it right.

Next biggest are single utility coins that fill a good niche and purpose, and do it well.A few of these are decentralized** "cloud" type programs**:

  • storjx - store storage
  • golem - cloud computations
  • sia - cloud storage
  • QTUM - cloud computations ?

Other one purpose practical blockchains I've bought into: * * RIPPLE / XRP probably don't need to mention, safe communications for banking industry, and they're buying in * * * TRIGGER a decentralized firearms safety control system, sounds silly at first but the more I looked the more impressed i was * * * AVT Avantus ** trying to get in on that sweet concert ticket market, it will be good for concert goers, performers, venues, everyone except ticketmaster. **any other venue based coins you know of? * * Kickkick coin, like kickstarter but on a blockchain, no middle man, world wide, plan to do both physical and digital goods * * PLAY / hero coin Is getting into the esports betting game! Big money here, we need a coin like this, esports are getting huge. They plan to move to real sports later this year * * edgeless another betting coin, I think you can straight up gamble using the blockchain, like pull random numbers etc. Main point being, no house edge * * CSNO bit dice casino, stake their coins for profits, they plan to open a better site soon with poker etc * * LAT LA Token Liquid Asset Token, they have an exchange where you trade ETH or LAT for crypto that has been pegged to real assets, such as stocks in apple, google, amazon etc, and plan to let people even value real commodities like works of art, not sure how that's gonna work. Not really interested in trading ETH for a stock that may go up 10% a year while ETH will do better, but a great concept and I'd like to see how far they can take it, and maybe bringing in mainstream investors * * DATA Sreamr program, Something like a youtube for decentralized ecosystem, where you own the eternal digital rights * * SAN Santiment coin, you can stake the coins, they use an algorithm to analyze crypto prices and make accurate predictions. Coin made me money, haven't tried the actual product yet. * * Augur REP Very similar, a decentralized prediction market. I haven't actually tried using it for that purpose yet, nor staked it. Just traded it. Looking forward to trying it out though. * * STEEM A reddit like site where upvotes get you paid crypto! Seriously why am I not using steem more? I read it for interesting posts, it seems a little more sparse but also most post are more carefully made. * * IOP Internet of People Decentralized Apps and Payments, honestly didn't look that closely at it, but seems it had an airdrop recently, not sure if Bittrex will give it though :( This looks promising, could have it up in the list of "ecosystem" type coins * * BAT Basic Attention Token advertising token that makes it easier to exchange between users, companies, and mediums. "From the creator of JavaScript and the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox" that sounds promising * * BitBay a decentralized marketplace, we need more of these quickly. Great idea, doing well * * TRUST WeTrust coin, trying to bank the unbanked, getting contracts with some reputable lenders * * HUMANIQ also trying to bank the unbanked, giving them the power to control their finances, and trying to improve the lives of the unbanked throughout Africa and SE Asia * * PWR Power Ledger Offering to buy up solar power from people for crypto, I think they have a deal in Australia already? Great idea and utility. * * Mercury A protocol for private communication, I believe a utility coin for all kinds of communication potentially * * SNT Status Network Token makes your phone a lite ethereum node! Will be able to browse Ethereum based sites and applications, I think will be a BIG way that DAPPS (Decentralized Apps) Start to take off * * CVC Civic Trying to make a safe blockchain database for person / ID authentication, such as when you apply for a job and they verify your identity etc, a way to give IDs to people without them, for official purposes potentially, and also a way for you to control your own data * * Mona a coin used in Japan, like dogge coin, but it's used already in quite a few locations, so hey, seems a reasonably safe hold. * * OK Cash already used in some places in China, safe hold * * Decentraland a VR on a blockchain! Not exactly sure if the entire VR environment is truly on the blockchain, or it's some combined system, but either way, you can "buy land" in the VR environment, seems a cool concept that may take off, maybe for second life type fun, maybe concerts, etc. * * MUSIC coin for making a decentralized payment system for "Pay per play" music. Way better for artists! * * Incent an incentivization program coin, for general use. As in "complete this survey for 1 incent coin" or whatever. * * SALT ** blockchain backed lending, HUGE market there * * **Digibyte what is digibye? Had it a long while making good returns... * * Stratis I don't even remember the hype about stratis, but it dipped, I bought, it's up, and I'm getting tired. * * Einstenium bought some because they seem like they're really trying to make a good cause, raise funds for education and science projects * * LBRY library credits, similar to the music coin idea, you own your own material and can profit on it, content freedom to publishers * * Groestlcoin wtf is this? efficient mining? Not sure what else it's offering, but was hyped, dipped, bought a bitDecentralized exchanges! What a great idea, they need to be used more (I'm guilty of not using them) because YOU hold your keys. * COB Cobinhood, I think gone live? COB coins also can be staked I believe, and they plan on doing their own ICOs through their site for new coins, with discounts for COB holders * 0x Project decentralized exchange and platform, allows new projects * Waves is this a decentralized exchange? Or a platform for making exchange applications?New ones (for me) that were recently hyped include: * verge - seriously is the ip leak thing real or fake? did the new protocol launch? * raiblocks - trying to be way way more efficient, seems to be working, other people can hypeSome that I've looked at, and will likely pull the trigger on, or totally forgot until I wrote this.

  • CEEK I'm not sure if this is the one I was thinking of, I missed an ICO for a coin tha wanted to make VR concerts, and be able to pay to watch and pay the performer, making it relatively easy in the future for even smaller gigs to get into VR ... I see this one, but maybe it's a different one from the one I was thinking?
  • spankchain web cam girls and boys, with their own blockchain system for payment, authorization, etc etc, I should really buy this before I hype it, great idea
  • * Walton Chinese coin that was hyped while back, honestly didn't look much into it and it's dipping, someone sell me on it?

Did I get something on hype that sucks? Did I "Meh" your favorite coin when I mentioned it? (though it still means I'm holding some) Was I completely wrong about one?This is making me realize more portfolio is pretty diverse! Is it more diverse than average? I didn't finish listing them, but got my big ones, there are some I still hold small amounts but don't really hold out hope for, like DOPE, POT, CANN all related to legal weed, but never really showed any advantage to the industry over BTC or another crypto.

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