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Sign up and receive 50 seed tokens along with 50 additional seeds for every person who registers under you.


Why should you sign up?

Since June 2017, Superbloom founder Emmie Chang has served on a collective 40+ panels and keynote sessions at global meetups and conferences. She has traveled throughout Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco, LA, NY, London, and Tel Aviv, speaking to thousands of investors and blockchain technologists about ICOs, funding, and the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain enabled startups. The future is global, and relies heavily upon bridging the East and West.

In January 2018, Superbloom launched the first version of our platform in Macau, China to an audience of 3000+ avid crypto investors with the ability to purchase. Superbloom is working towards full US regulatory licenses to trade securities in 2018 (should the US decide to regulate utility tokens in that way).
Superbloom uses an internal analysis tool called the Superbloom Quotient (SBQ), to determine the viability and short term success of a token.

Despite well over 600 ICO projects in the fall of 2017, many of which failed to reach their funding goal, only a handful began trading on secondary exchanges. Notably, PowerLedger and Quantstamp are both Superbloom projects and performed well in the aftermarkets. Additionally, Quantstamp will be the first post-ICO startup to participate in Y-Combinator, and we’re happy to welcome them into the YC Alum family.


The Superbloom platform is a technology suite of products built on Stellar, the public blockchain. The goals of these tools are to simplify the contribution and participation process for crypto assets, while providing all the benefits of a public blockchain (an immutable ledger, transparency, and more). By reducing the technical challenges of blockchain by using an existing one, the Superbloom team can focus on user experience, product, and problem solving.


SEED is a standard ERC-20 utility token. By holding SEED on the Superbloom platform, you are considered a member. Members have the ability to read due diligence and purchase tokens from our pipeline of projects.
Members receive tokens from ICOs that are syndicated on our platform - a free membership perk. Members receive new tokens valued at 10-20% of their SEED holdings, so if they hold $100,000 in SEED, they get $10 - 20,000 in new tokens over the course of a year.

Superbloom Executive Team

The Superbloom executive team met while participating in the Y-Combinator (YC) accelerator and have combined decades of Silicon Valley experience between them. They have each operated as founders and CEOs of their own companies, raised funds from several of Silicon Valley’s most elite venture capital firms, and built technology products that have positively impacted millions of people. Each member of the executive team has also participated in investment activities as 19 individuals, through the Y-Combinator network or angel investment platforms, and at various VC firms they have worked at.
The Superbloom team recognized the need for a streamlined and simple software-based crypto investment platform that starts with the pre-sale and vetting stage of ICOs. They strongly believe in a community-driven approach to investment — one that includes founders and investors working together to build a blockchain-enabled future.

Emmie Chang, CEO

Prior to co-founding Superbloom, Emmie founded and led several venture capital-funded companies in the Ed-Tech space, including the YC-backed FutureLeague. She regularly travels to speak at international blockchain and crypto conferences. Emmie earned her MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and her B.S.E.E. from Rice University.

Alvin Wang, CTO

Alvin possesses decades of experience leading engineering teams and building enterprise-level applications for Google, VISA, CFares, and more. A seasoned CTO and lead architect, he brings technical expertise and a knack for simplifying complex cloud systems to the Superbloom team.

Lydia Fayal, CMO

Lydia previously founded and served as CEO of a venture-backed company, AdmitSee. She has 10 years growing companies and has served as CMO of multiple, including a recent acquisition by Microsoft. Lydia is a graduate of Johns Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania Law School and Wharton.

Notable Partners and Advisors
Galia Benartzi - Advisor

Prior to co-founding cryptocurrency protocol Bancor, Galia led business development at Particle Code and AppCoin, and served as a venture partner at Founders Fund. She earned her MA in International Monetary Theory from Johns Hopkins University.

Chandler Guo - Advisor
Chandler is among today’s most prolific Bitcoin miners and crypto investors, having participated in over 35 ICOs. He possesses invaluable knowledge of crypto markets in both China and the US, was invited to speak at the World Economic Forum in Tianjin, and is regularly brought on Bloomberg as a panel expert.

The Bancor Foundation, Eyal Hertzog and Guy Benartzi - Partner

The Bancor Foundation was established in 2017 to promote the Bancor cryptocurrency protocol. Foundation Council members Eyal and Guy serve as Superbloom advisors, with a combined 35+ years of technology development and entrepreneurship between them. Eyal previously founded 20 MetaCafe, Israel’s fastest-growing video sharing sites, and Contact Networks, one of the first ever social networks. Guy is the co-founder of AppCoin, Particle Code, and served as CEO of Mytopia. He is an active angel investor and prominent speaker on all things blockchain.

The Stellar Foundation, Jed Mccaleb and Boris Reznikov - Partner

Stellar is a global financial network built upon a decentralized and fully open-source hybrid blockchain, created to facilitate cross-asset value transfers. Jed McCaleb, creator of the first Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, co-founded the Stellar Foundation. Prior to these achievements, he created the ahead-of-its time file-sharing platform eDonkey2000. Boriz Reznikov leads partnerships at the Stellar Foundation, and previously advised Fortune 500 companies and
consulted at Deloitte.

~ according to their whitepaper

Personally, I have great confidence in Superbloom because of the names attached to it. Namely Jed McCaleb, CTO & founder of Stellar and Richard Ma, CEO & founder of Quantstamp. Also, being a long-term holder of XLM & QSP tokens don't hurt too.

Thank you for reading,
Marten Go
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